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Beauty and the Beast 2017-Tall, Dark, Rude, and Nasty

Okay, I had a really good post going, and then I
accidentally removed all of my texts, which was a lot!
Exactly how I feel right now!
Okay, as my first blog post about Disney's new live-action film
Beauty and the Beast, this one will be focused on the
movie's dastardly creep of a villain Gaston mostly
because I cannot stop venting about what a horrible
person he was!! He is now one of my imaginary
arch nemeses. I'm doing this because the person
Gaston is a fictitious character, and not a real
person, so. Plus I am tired of how many people
on YouTube defend his actions or motives!
Disney did an amazing job of
bringing out his character in small snippets at first
of being just petty and annoying to just plain
wicked and terrifying!! Luke Evans did a superb
job in the role. If you think Gaston was a jerk in
the animated version, boy, he is like nothing
compared to this new guy!!! Luke Evans
brought the bad guy to life in such an
intense way that it had us on the edge of our seats!
After all these years that I ranted on Myles Leland
the Third in Sue Thomas FBEye for being conceited
and self-centered, he is nothing compared to this one!
Sadly, I don't own the gifs-wish I knew how to
make my own-but various ones that aren't of
Beauty and the Beast, express my emotions
about this guy, a twisted individual.
I'll admit when the movie first showed Gaston, I
honestly thought that he wasn't as bad as in the cartoon,
and actually maybe nice! But I did tell myself, "Maybe
he'll get worse as it goes along." Nothing could be closer
to the truth! I went from not so bad, to wanting to
jump into that movie screen and give him what for!
The girls in the village go all goo-goo eyed over him and
sing, "He's such a tall, dark, strong, and handsome brute!"
even though his horse kicks a splash of mud on their
dresses and shuts them up. Every time I think of that lyric,
I change it to, "He's such a tall, dark, rude, and nasty brute!"
Well, you can see for yourself!

The village could use some advice from Douglas Pembroke:
"Don't get sucked in by his face!!"
Well, well, well, look who it is! If it isn't the big guy himself:
Gaston, the Glory Goon
"These six things the Lord hates,
Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:
A proud look,
A lying tongue,
Hands that shed innocent blood,
A heart that devises wicked plans,
Feet that are swift in running to evil,
A false witness who speaks lies,
And one who sows discord among brethren."
Proverbs 6:16-19
Seriously, need I say anymore?

Ha! You haven't seen anything yet!
Is he preparing his proposal speech to Belle? No. Is he
enticing another woman? No! When we first saw this
scene, couldn't help laughing, but also thinking,
"Are you kidding me!?! YOU GOT TO BE

He's the kind of guy who would look in the mirror and say, "Come, Lefou.
I need to get a better look at myself. This glass doesn't do me justice."
I'm NOT kidding! He would! He thinks he so special and can't understand why anyone would
think otherwise. I don't think he understands the definition of
the word 'no'.
It just goes downhill from there.
His motto

He means ONLY him!
But Belle could see him for who he really is: a pompous,
self-centered jerk. The movie was bad enough with him,
and after reading the book adaption also, I don't
blame her! Her face says it all. Yeah, she has the
right idea. Here, she didn't receive the flowers he
picked and he tried to invite himself over to dinner.
Oh, please, Gaston! Wipe off that sad face. Don't
try to use those sad puppy dog eyes, it won't work!
Don't try to play on my heart-strings! I know what you really are!
Whoever did this art piece, it is in my list of favorites!
Yes, Belle-smart girl. Those other girls, if they want him
that much...heck, they can have him! Just look at Belle,
she knows this is the real deal!
She told you no!
Judy: "Hey! You heard her. Cut it out!"
I wish
 I could not believe how clingy he got in this scene. HELLO, you
with the slick hair and wearing the magnificent army coat?! A
gentleman does not force a young lady to accept him. As he
dramatically proposes, he gripped her skirt so she'd give
him a kiss!

He just won't take no for answer! And, he follows her all the way
with his nose to the closing door despite her protests! Talk about
a pest! This is what I imagine Belle thinking every time
 he shows up to try and woo her:

Sadly, we didn't get to watch Belle shove him out the door and fall
in the mud like in the animated version, but oh well.
One of my favorite lyrics and scenes in both movies is after Gaston
departs from being turned down and Belle, ticked off,
makes fun of the whole idea.

"Can you imagine!?!
He asked me to marry him!
Me, the wife of that boorish...brainless...
Madame Gaston, can't you just see it?
Madame Gaston, his little wife?
UGH!! No sir, not me!
I guarantee it!!"

So, after she disappears to the castle to find her father, Gaston mopes
around in the tavern-who cares!-not able to wrap his big head
around the fact that Belle told him no! But his stooge Lefou tries to
cheer him and leads the villagers in a song about what a neat
guy Gaston is. WHY!?! After the way he treats you, Lefou?
The non-related gifs express my thoughts and emotions
during the films catchy, well-done but annoying song. Yes, the
bad guys get such good songs. Okay, I'm not criticizing the
people who like this song, I'm criticizing the characters singing it,
 AND the big-headed brute that is living up every lyric!
That's right, singing his praises.



Somehow I'm not impressed.
Hey, I despise Scar every bit as much as Gaston. But,
granted he had some good comebacks!
Oh, if only I had ears like Potato Head at this point!
 "I don't care!" You're right about that, Buster.
You don't!

"Do not look on his appearance or at the height of his stature,
because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees,
for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord
looks at the heart."
1 Samuel 16:7

Oh, brother. Would you just keep it down?!
It's all about him, and he is 'drooling' soaking up every second of it!!
  Yeah, yeah. Yackitty yack...

AND...he joins in singing his own praises! How pathetic.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm turning my nose up, bragging about how I
would never do such a thing. That is not what I'm trying to do.
The verses near the beginning of this post I chose for a reason!
 Maurice bursts into the tavern, begging for someone to
help him rescue his daughter from the Beast's dungeon,
but no one will believe him. Gaston comes to his aid and
says that he will go with him to save Belle. Oh really?
 Since when have you, Gaston chosen to be
so suddenly generous? As Disgust would say, "Caution!
There is a dangerous smell here, people!"
"An ungodly man digs up evil,
And it is on his lips like a burning fire...
He winks his eye to devise perverse things;
He purses his lips and brings about evil."
Proverbs 16:27, 30
 "Therefore pride serves as their necklace;
Violence covers them like a garment."
Psalm 73:6

They sure did some interesting, good plot twists in this
one compared to the animated film. This is one of the
first scenes that really got to us, that got me all
fired up at what a thug the village's 'hero' really is!
Maurice is telling them what he saw on his way to
the castle, but the weather on the trail has changed
so Gaston doesn't believe him and keeps treating
the older man like he's just a delusional fool.
Now, Lefou's line was pretty good: "Are you
sure you want to marry into this family?" But
Gaston's actions here reveal how much of a
black-hearted buzzard he truly is!
His fury at Maurice is completely unreasonable.
Gaston: "Now, let's go home."
Maurice tells him, "Belle is not at home! She's with the..."
Gaston grabs him and shouts in his face: "If you say 'beast'
one more time..."
WHOA! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute! Did he
really just say that!?! Out of impatience?
Lefou tries to intervene, but Gaston is in a deep rage. Lefou
reminds him about his old glory days in the war, and it's
here that Maurice learns that Gaston has been with
other women! Lefou just mentioning it to the big,
surly brute calms him down. He acts nonchalant now
towards Maurice as if every is all square. What a
double-crossing, two-timer! Maurice has already seen
Gaston's dark side, to an alarming boiling point,
but out of love and concern for his Belle, he bravely
stands up to Gaston and says:
"You...will never marry my daughter." Gaston freezes. Eerie
silence ensues. So what does Gaston do? Does he argue?
Does he kick the dirt and stomp away? Does he yell?
What does he do? 
Furious that he is being deprived of the one trophy he's after-
this guy ALWAYS gets his trophies when hunting-, he slugs
Maurice out cold!! And does he stop there? Oh no! He
ties Maurice to a tree to be left for dead. "If Maurice
won't give me his blessing, then he's in my way,"
the big brute says. "Once the wolves are through with
him, there will be no one to take care of Belle, but me."
"He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty,
And he who rules his spirit than he that takes a city."
Proverbs 16:32
Yes, that's the kind of 'hero' he is!! Lefou, uncomfortable
about the situation, does try to persuade him to change his
mind, but to no end. Yeah, someone told Gaston 'no',
so he decides to murder them!
That's how it made us feel.
BUT it's not over yet!!!
 "Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, Him I will destroy;
The one who has a haughty look and a proud heart,
Him I will not endure."
Psalm 101:5
Well, not 'secretly' in this case. Surprisingly, Lefou's conscience
has been plaguing him-another new plot twist!-about leaving
Maurice to die, but Gaston could care less. As a matter of fact,
to him, it's over and in his mind, he just has to wait for
Belle to show up so he can marry her-are you out
of your mind, Gaston!?! They enter the tavern and who is
found sitting in there, but Maurice!!

Lefou is relieved, Gaston is dissatisfied, but puts on a
façade, especially as the tavern owner questions him about
trying to kill Maurice. Gaston pulls his best manipulation
act in creating doubt with the others about Maurice being
stable-his age, you know-, and planting guilt pangs
playing on their sympathy after he saved them in
the war. Maurice pleads his case all he can, but
almost no one believes him. Maurice tells them to ask
Lefou, but Gaston acts pathetic the whole time, and
his facial expression alone threatens Lefou not to say
a word of truth about what he did to Maurice!!
Okay, that's it!!! You're going down for murder, pal!
Lefou, afraid, lies. Gaston pretends to 'comfort' the poor,
unfortunate, senile, delusional old man while all the
time he's made arrangements. "You need help, Sir."
He says slyly. "A place to heal your troubled mind."
He has a prison wagon from the insane asylum waiting just outside!!
"It's going to be all right, Maurice." He tells Belle's defenseless
father. "Everything will be fine."
Our emotions at this scene!!
"For the one who sows to his own flesh will
from the flesh reap corruption," Galatians 6:8
Yes, ugly isn't it? Man, do I wish there were pictures of a gif of this:
I love the part where the wagon is about to leave the town square,
taking Maurice away to a horrendous mad house...Belle comes
thundering on her steed, blocking them going any farther!!
I clap nearly every time I see that, and even when I read
it in the book. Belle arrives, surprising everyone, in a
gorgeous golden ball gown, but she goes immediately to
the wagon to free her father, but they won't let her. She
pleads with Gaston to set him free. He acts sympathetic,
but says she'll say anything to save Maurice. Infuriated
and shocked, Belle pulls out the magic mirror the Beast
gave her as a gift and foolishly shows his reflection to everyone! 
She tries to calm them that the Beast is harmless and her friend.
Gaston, jealous and angry that his efforts are being thwarted,
blurts out, "She's under a spell. If I didn't know better, I'd say
she has feelings for this monster!" You can see in the picture
below the hate and blood thirst in his eyes!


Belle, brave and also angered at the treatment of her father,
fires back the famous line, "The Beast isn't a monster, Gaston.
YOU ARE!!!"  Yeah, you go, girl! That does it for Gaston!
Suddenly fueled with fury and a destructive desire, locks her
up to. As you can see here, Lefou tries to stop him.


But Gaston fires back with, "Do you want to be next!?!"
You can see the massive fury on his face.
Using fear of the Beast for the safety of the village
as a tactic to get them on his side, Gaston leads
a frenzied, ignorant mob to the castle to murder
the Beast.

 During the mobs song, Lefou sings an unexpected, new line
that shows what's going through his mind: "There's a beast
running wild, there's no question. But I fear the wrong monster's
been released!" Wow, Lefou! Right now your are smarter than
any of the people you're riding with.
AND it gets worse!
Inside the castle, Gaston leads his army of invaders into
the main hall. The enchanted objects who used to be
the Beast's human staff and are now Belle's friends,
bring on the element of surprise and defend their
master's home, even if he won't! This is where it
gets funny in places, but not in the scenes with Gaston!

 Gaston is flabbergasted. He's fought against
animals, and people, no sweat. But talking,
walking furniture? That's a new one he
was NOT expecting! Ha, ha, ha!
At this point, there is a live coatrack behind him. What does
Gaston do? Fight it off? Knock him down, which honestly
wouldn't be hard to do? No! He grabs Lefou in front of
him and lets the coatrack use his smaller comrade for a punching
bag! WHAT?! Yes, he did! I didn't notice it the first time I saw
the movie, but Annah pointed it out to me the second time and
I did notice it then! Then what happens? The harpsichord
throws itself onto Lefou, pinning him helplessly to the floor.
He sadly looks up at his hero, whimpering for help.

"Sorry, old friend. It's hero time." His famous quote. And yes,
he just leaves him there, then goes after the Beast!
I told you, this guy set us on high-riding emotions!
When he went after the Beast was horrible and at the edge of
our seats! The creepy way he snuck up on him.
 The Beast was heartsick, missing Belle, thinking
she wasn't coming back. And the way Gaston just mercilessly
taunts him is so cruel! "Hello, Beast. I'm Gaston. Belle sent
me. Are you in love with her, Beast? Did you really think
she would want you?"

 Just look at the hateful, greedy murder on his face! It was
heartbreaking and infuriating to watch. Not to mention
the heartless thing he said to Belle when she showed up
behind him, trying to save her true love and stop
Gaston from committing more ghastly deeds! Has
Gaston gone mad at this point!?! He's actually still
planning to marry Belle! Only this time, she won't
have a choice. After all the horrible things he's done,
he actually thinks he can just do that, and without
Belle putting up a fight? I guess that's the lesson
we're supposed to learn? No one says 'no' to Gaston
and goes free unscathed?

 Ohh! He is just relentless. His face...he is the REAL
monster!! Like Dr. Einstein in Arsenic and Old Lace
would say: "He's a madman. He's a maniac! And
then things happen. Horrible things!"
Belle pleads and tries to stop him. Gaston shoots the Beast multiple times!
We were like, "Stop it! Stop it!! Just stop it!" As we watched this scene.
He finally stands on an unsteady crosswalk up on the castle
tower. It crumbles, along with many other parts of the castle, and
Gaston falls to his death.
Ohhh. There, I said it. This is the meanest, most cold-blooded,
self-centered villain I've seen for a long time, and it was
disturbing in places. I've seen evil people in the movies,
but this new Gaston has got to be up in the big leagues as
one of the worst! Disney did an amazing job, leading us
from a pleasant but bragging fellow to a vicious, monstrous
killer! He's a beast. Yes, he had a crush on Belle, but I strongly
disagree with anyone who says that he cared about her.
He didn't care about her at all, all he ever cared about
was himself, to a startling length. If you are reading
this, and are one of those people who feel bad for him
because Belle and her father rejected him, think about
it and watch the movie again! Truly, because things
didn't go his way, Gaston ended up nearly destroying
everyone and everything dear that Belle loved and
cared about! All so he could have her! Is that love?
Is it? I don't think so! The Bible talks a lot about love,
and Gaston's examples do not qualify.
Gaston didn't just get like that. He didn't just become
born with a destructive nature. He made himself the
person he became. He made choices, choices he
could've done differently. And being sinful humans,
we are all not immune to becoming something terrible
if we don't check it! It's only by God's grace-Jesus
dying for us and living in our hearts when we accept him-
 and us choosing not to go down that wrong road that we
become different from it.
"You'll either enjoy the blessings of your choice,
Or suffer the consequences of your choice."
"If you don't have something above you (God),
To look up to,
You soon give in to the things around you."
"Guard your heart with all diligence;
For out of it are the issues of life."
Proverbs 4:23
I have other blog posts about this movie that I want 
to do, but not tonight.  


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  1. If you have Netflix or Hulu, look up the tv series Beauty and the Beast. It's another telling of the fable. It ran in the late 80's.
    I sometimes think the villains are more interesting characters than the bad guys. My kids are Star Wars fans and the Force Awakens was full of better drawn villains than the other movies. The agony that Leia faces when Han is killed by their son Ben, who is now Kylo Ren. ( I found that really interesting because Harrison Ford has a son named Ben, who's a famous cook in the LA area).
    Enjoyed your recap. Hope spring is treating you well.