Sunday, December 16, 2018

Beyond Overdue!

I have been procrastinating this post for too long. I thought
about it everyday, and thought, "I really need to just post this!"
But I wanted to give long, detailed paragraphs of what was
going on behind the pictures. But as you have said before,
I don't need to do that. So, I suppose this is as good a time
as any to share with you pictures, even from last year. Some
are from 2017, and some are from this year.

I apologize for taking so long.

Ryan keeps us on our toes! Which is probably a good thing
at this time!
He is FAST!
Fishing with Dad
Our new swing set.
Rachel invited us to go to Six Flags with her,
and we haven't been there in years!
Waiting in line on a hot June day to ride Thunder River!
And waiting...
And waiting!

Trying to look and act like Daddy
My birthday last year

Kingdom Hearts key chain Annah gave me for Christmas. I keep it
on my Bible cover.

I was so excited when I found this book at Sam's!

Visiting the Pet Shop


Last year, Mom and I attended the bridal shower for a dear, lifetime
friend of ours Rachel Crowe.


The Bride-to-Be!

Sisters: Sara & Rachel Crowe

Rachel's parents, Don and Lorraine, special friends of ours
Rachel & Me
Rachel, Sara, Annah, and I used to play so much when we
were little.
We had to guess whether Rachel or her fiancé said it.

Rachel and her future bridesmaids

Sleepy little guy

Trying to 'fix' the sidewalk

November of last year was Rachel and BJ's wedding. Sadly, Mom didn't
attend. She stayed home and took care of Ryan. (Social functions were
beginning to wear her out. I should've known something wasn't right!)

Annah and Me at the wedding

These two were all smiles!

Beautiful reception table at the banquet hall

Proud Bride's parents. We love you!
Earlier this summer. Ryan is such a ham!
But we just gotta love him!