Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Rainbow at the End

Oh, why am I such a procrastinator? This post has been on my mind for a long
time and I've wanted to share it with you. It happened a couple months back,
but I remember it. Mom took us down to Holt Foods which is a little ways out.
As we packed the car up with groceries, we could see dark clouds coming
and it looked like a bad storm. Mom was tempted to stay at the store 'til
the storm passed, but she decided to try to get home. So, off we went,
heading home on the road. The clouds got darker and were definitely
moving toward us! 10 minutes into the drive, the wind picked up real
good and it just began pouring, pouring, pouring. Mom had to
really concentrate on what was in front of her. The rain was so
heavy that at one point, we could not even see in front of us!
But we couldn't stop in the middle of the road, and we couldn't
go back to where we'd been! We had to keep going. 
We had to keep moving forward. We prayed and kept going,
slower, but we kept going. And not 5 minutes later, almost
home, the storm was gone behind us and the sun was out
shining brightly. As we drove on, we looked to the side
at what do you think we saw in the sky? A rainbow! A
beautiful rainbow high up there showing its colors for us
to see. It was neat, to see what God did for us.

But even more neat to me, was how it was a real life
illustration of our walk with Jesus when trials come! Sometimes
the storms in our lives come up behind us without warning and
we have no time to prepare. Other times, we see the clouds
and we can try to hide, but nothing we do will stop it from
coming. We have to hold on to His hand and not let go.
We have to trust Him and follow his leading. And like the
heavy rain, the pain and pressures and fears of a situation
can bog us down. And not only that, but sometimes it's
so heavy and burdensome that we cannot even see 2 feet
in front of us! As much as we want to, we can't go back to
where we were before, time won't let us. And we can, but
we'll get into trouble if we just stop and give up right in the
middle of the journey. If we can't race ahead, we have to
take it slow, one step at a time, but we've got to keep
taking steps! And some time down the road, around the
bend or straight ahead, the storm passes and the sun
comes out again, lighting our way so we can see, with
the trial behind us. And when the light comes on us
again, we reap and see the blessings (the rainbow) that
God had in store for us and wanted to give us.

It was a neat thing to think about to me. But I do realize and
understand that some people have to deal with the storms the
rest of their lives and that there are some scars and wounds
(physical and emotional) that will not ever be healed until
eternity. But I hope this post will encourage you and give
you something to think about.

But that's how I feel right now. We took in Rachel because we cared
about her and she needed help. But some people don't see the whole
picture, and that makes it hard for us. Some people we've been so used
to having fellowship with, people we felt kind of close to, we don't
really do it right now. And if we do, it feels awkward not knowing
what they're thinking of wondering if they're whispering behind our
backs. Honestly, I can't ever remember us going through anything
like this before, not something this major! We've felt pretty isolated
from many friends the past months because of Rachel's situation.
Not that it's her fault, IT'S NOT! But because so many people
around us have heard different sides of the story. It makes it
difficult to try to enjoy fellowship sometimes because we don't
know what they're truly thinking.
But right now I feel like is this trial is going on forever. I feel like
it's going on and on and on and on. Where is the end? When will
the end with the rainbow come in sight? When will the sun come
on us again? When will this be over and behind us so that we can
truly move forward? It's been hard on all of us, Rachel, Dad, Mom,
Annah, and me. I just wish it was over! Please pray for us as we
seek God's will for Rachel's best interest, what He wants for her,
and us. I would deeply appreciate your prayers regarding that.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Some Belated Posting

Okay, these pictures may not all be in order, but these are
ones I took from the past months, ever since February!

Beautiful Sunday morning snow with sunlight
Beautiful red roses from Dad for Valentine's Day
In March, Dad took us to the ST. Louis Philharmonice Symnphony again. Rachel really liked it.

Rachel is a cowgirl fan.
Annah and Rachel ready to attend a horse show with a friend. I was sick, so I couldn't go.
We did this gorgeous princess cake for the daughter of a coworker of Dad's.

We celebrated Caroline's 1st birthday in April.

Caroline loves pink pigs, so Leona made that the party theme.

Birthday girl
Leona did this watermelon fruit bowl.

The birthday girl surrounded with her gifts.
Nora, enjoying her ice cream and cake.
Our trip down to Doniphan

The pool water looks so inviting.

Graduation cake for Nathan at church
Nora's 3rd birthday

Two of my souvenirs from Branson. The blue heart is really a key chain. Yes, Dad took me to the Titanic Museum down there!

Monday, June 16, 2014

As a Wise Man Once Said...

Hello, everyone.

Hopefully this week I'll be doing some posts with some pictures I've
been planning to put on. But right now I'm so tired and it's been
one long day. This quotation has been on my mind for weeks
lately, so that's what I'm sharing.

"It ain't what you don't know
that gets you into trouble.
It's what you know for sure
That just ain't so."
-Mark Twain

Friday, June 6, 2014

We Are Back

Hello, everyone!
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We're back from Branson now.
We had a fun trip and enjoyed being together. Lord willing, I'll be telling you
how things went later. We did have some car trouble but thankfully, God
brought the right people and it's fixed, so we were able to do our
planned activities.

But now everyone else is out in the living room cleaning, I'm lying in bed
sick! I'm not sure what happened, but it started the day we came back. Anyway,
they're telling me not to share my germs.


Saturday, May 31, 2014

Super Late Posting

I'm sorry it's been a while. I was trying to gather photos.

2 weeks ago we celebrated my 23rd birthday! I asked Annah to do some things
different this year and she did. Oh, yes. Mom took me out to get a hair cut...AND
I have bangs now! I've never had bangs before, ever. First Mom took Annah and
 Rachel shopping for me, then as soon as they walked in the door, they told me to
leave so I could a haircut. I got in the car and waited for Mom. On the floor of the
front passenger seat I saw 2 pink shopping bags, AND I knew which store they
were from! I honked the car horn so someone would come out, but no one did!
I banged on the window, still nothing. They finally came out and I beckoned
them to come. I pointed to the bags and asked," Am I supposed to see these?"

They said,"No."

I said, "Well, get them out of here."

On the way to get my haircut, I opened the glove compartment looking
for napkins (we keep them in there sometimes to be handy) and my eyes
fell on an iced and sprinkled sugar cookie from CASEY'S gas station! I
 always want to get those when I see them and practically never do. I
knew Annah got it for me. I asked Mom if I wasn't supposed to find
the cookie either. She said, " I don't know. Annah probably got it for
 I thought to myself, No. If she did, it would've been chocolate chip. 
(That's her favorite)

On my real birthday, they hung up orange and white streamers for a
Dreamsicle theme (I love, love, love Orange Cream themed things, the
taste, the scent, the colors). They also gave me a plastic tiara with purple
jewels. We all went out together for lunch at Chik-fil-A. Aunt Jean, Jeremy
and Leona met us there. When we came home, guess what we had to do?
Bake and decorate a graduation cake for Sunday!

When opening my presents, there was one huge box that I could hardly lift.
I thought maybe they were giving me a kitchen appliance or something. When
I opened the top, the box was full of numerous little gifts! Annah and Rachel
tried to equal them up to 23. When I saw all the little wrapped packages in
the box, I sat there and burst out laughing for some reason. It took me a minute
to compose myself. I got a lovely notebook, a light blue white floral tote bag
(which I've been using a lot), some of my favorite candies, a beautiful sky blue
scarf, baking mixes, and many other things I can't recall or picture at the moment.

I had a fun, blessed birthday.

More posts coming up! Tomorrow morning, we're heading down to Branson! Yay!

Just to name a few.
I like this one a lot: pizza, lemonade, sugar cookie, blueberry muffin, and more.

Lunch at Chick-fil-A

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mom's Day

I know it's a day late, but I wanted to wish my mother and
mothers around, a Happy Mother's Day.

I'm so thankful for my mother. She takes us shopping, she's a
great cook and taught us, she will go out of her way for us to
do our projects, she prays for us, she buys us sodas, she has
a burden for other people. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Love you.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye #5 Diplomatic Immunity

Even more than The Pilot, Diplomatic Immunity is my
top favorite episode on the show of Sue Thomas F.B.Eye!
This one is very true to life, but I really like this one
because it shows how sometimes standing up for what's
right holds a very heavy cost, and how instead of
doing much good, it seems as if it only brings more
and more trouble, and knowing what needs to be done
but with what seems no light at the end of the tunnel.
At this point it seems as if all the circumstances in the
world are against you, instead of being in your favor,
but in the end of this episode, it shows that even in this
world, in the end, the truth will pay off!

Bobby sees a man attacking a woman on the street and pounces
on him. The woman is critically injured but an ambulance shows
up before Sue can even call them for help. But they are forced not
to arrest the man because he has diplomatic immunity. He is a
Sudanese ambassador, MuTambu, who doesn't regret his violent,
heartless action and demands a public apology from Bobby for
his rough misconduct! The team is appalled at the nerve of this
guy and start investigating him. It turns out that MuTambu is
involved in Sudanese trading bringing shipments to the US,
but no one knows what the cargo is.
Though Bobby's job is already at risk, he and Jack sneak
in the shipping yard and inspect the container, where they
find signs of evil they wish they didn't know about. MuTambu
is a slave trader.

Levi cheers Bobby up after a hard day.

The 911 call came from his secretary who knows what kind of 
person he is, but she's afraid. The injured woman was trying to buy her sister
from MuTambu.

Jack and Sue visit and question the injured woman in the hospital.

Sue promises the woman that they will find her sister.

MuTambu thinks nobody can stop him, but Bobby has been giving their clues to
Darcy (Polly Shannen) who uses her newspaper to expose the horror of this crime.
When Darcy's job is put in danger, Bobby speaks up for her which only makes things
worse for him.

Jack, Sue, and the rest of the team don't care how powerful MuTambu thinks he is
and they aren't going to  let possible consequences stop them. When that next
Sudanese shipment comes in, they will be there to greet it!

Do the right thing, come what may!