Thursday, June 11, 2015


By the way, if you would like to view some more of my
Sherlock Holmes drawings, go to
click on the Gallery icon, Artists' Depictions page 3, and
scroll down.

I'm Back!

Hello, everyone! I haven't forgotten about blogging,
but I recently uploaded some pictures I had to catch
up on. Plus using my phone to take pictures because
the cameras have been out of whack. But good
news: my family gave me a new camera for my birthday!
New interests, new goals, being a foster family, plus my
mind has been so occupied with my writing hobby.
But I have not forgotten this blog. Hopefully, now with
 a new camera, I'll be back.

I don't want to mention some of my goals for this year,
I don't want to share them with you, because I might
end up procrastinating and not fulfill them. So,
Lord willing, IF I accomplish them, then you might
get to hear about them. But if you could please pray
that I will follow through and achieve them for once,
that would be nice.

Being a foster family takes commitment, and it can take
up a lot of space in your life. Required medical appointments,
resource appointments, parental visits, home visits from the
social workers, home evaluations, answering the same
questions over and over from curious people, it becomes
a very busy time!
Anyway, you'd ask if we could share about some of our
experiences, so that was my first note on it.

Snow in January

Chloe gets a bath.

Can we go for a walk?
Ahem? I'm waiting!
So pretty.
You know me! I found this adorable, yummy mit at Cracker
Barrel and just couldn't resist it. It has a PB cookie recipe and mix inside.
I'm blessed. Life is GOOD, because of God.
I have more to come later, including pics of my birthday last month!
By the way, how is everyone?

Thursday, April 16, 2015


Okay. Hello, everyone!!!! I'm very sorry it's been soooooo long.
We're still here, thankfully. I've been trying to think of what to post.
We're still doing foster care and that keeps us busy! It's been
quite a new experience, but a very good one!

Last week, we had some bad storms. Mom, Annah, and I were
on our way home when my phone my  beeped with an
urgent alert saying there was a tornado warning in the area!
I called Dad to find out what was going on, and he did say
that we were getting hail at home. We were about 20 minutes
away from home, but the sky looked threatening. We stopped
at a grocery store we regularly go to, but the young guy was
closing it up (boss told him to, and there were lots of windows).
We tried decide what to do. One of our church elders was
texting me back and forth to make sure we had shelter. We
ended up waiting it out at the city hall/police department
which had less windows, two vaults, and a basement.
We only got a heavy down pour, but Aunt Jean and everyone
in her neighborhood received house damage. Thankfully,
no one was hurt though and the sun was out by the time
we got home! Thank God for protecting us.

I wanted to share pictures from our Christmas celebration.
Wow, did getting new phones of our own come in handy
around that time! I could be sitting across Mom from the
room, talking to her and at the same time texting Dad
about her present!
My stash

One of my new ornaments

A beautiful gift bag
I saw the title of this CD and bought it. My thoughts exactly!
Christmas morning
Chloe's all ready. Her stocking is worn and torn, but she still hordes it.
Annah's loot
Don't let the paper fool you. Mom's large gift isn't Toy Story themed,
it's just that that was the only roll of paper we had to cover the whole thing.
Some of Dad's gifts
Annah likes her flip flops
A sweet sweater for the future. I like snowflakes.
I didn't ask for this book, Intentional Walk about some of the
St. Louis Cardinals players, but I secretly wanted it and Annah
gave it to me!
I don't have a picture but one of the best gifts I received
was Dr. Lesslie's new book, Miracles in the ER! It's
the top best one in the whole series, to me anyway.
This was my big, special gift for Annah...
...And I could not believe the hassle it took to find it!



We went nostalgia this Christmas!

Your eyes are not fooling you. Yes, Annah went to great lengths
to bring Woody to me for Christmas!
These below pictures are not in December, but January. I entered an
art show for the first time in my life at the FVL. There were several
different categories. God has used my entries
to bless people, and it was definitely He who gave me the gift. In
case you readers don't know, I like drawing. The results are below.
That was in the adult 18 and cover category. BTW, you can find this drawing
on another website.


Isn't this a really good painting?