Monday, September 17, 2018

Prayer Request

Please pray for my dad's surgery tomorrow. He is having three
discs fused in his neck. And please pray for the recovery process. Thank
you. Rebecca

Monday, August 13, 2018

New Blog

My personal blog is the one at the top of the blog list
called If Only I Could Write Something Like That...
Please enjoy! Love, Rebecca

Hop on Over

Hi, everybody. I just now went through the filter and saw your sweet comments
from last month about our mom. Anyway, this has been our family blog
where I've had to intertwine my interests along with those of my family
members, so I am working on making my own personal blog!
It's in the works, just so you know! Maybe I'll blog more! Plus the months
this year so far had been pretty tense, what with Mom being off her
feet a lot, and other things. And though I thought of our blog every day,
and have mentally planned posts, and I just couldn't seem to do it at the

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts right now! They touch us more than
you know. Feels like we're in limbo state right now. Our church and family
and friends have been so kind and supportive. The pain just doesn't feel real yet!
It did at the funeral and when it first happened, but it's just kind of...
I don't exactly right now. It's like it hasn't hit us full impact yet.
It's been hectic around here and we're all trying to pull together as a family.

The funeral was sooo beautiful, which is exactly what we wanted for
Mom. We wanted her favorite colors, and for it all just to be so pretty for her.
She deserved it. It was the least that we could do.

Been listening to lots and lots of 99.1 Joy!FM, and MercyMe! MercyMe
especially has helped us a lot right now, mostly Bart's song
I Can Only Imagine! We played it at Mom's funeral as the final song. Have you seen the
movie yet? We watched it again and cried again.

Anyway, giving you all an update on us. Maybe as soon as my own blog is up
and running, I'll blog more. I really do want to! Keep those prayers and thoughts
coming, please! Thank you all, and lots of love to you.

Love, Rebecca

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Visitation for Mom will be 4-8 P.M. Thursday evening, the 19th, at Baue
Funeral Home on Cave Springs in St. Charles, near the Family Vision
Library. Service will be at 2P.M. on Friday, same location.

I still cannot believe this is real! That my mom is really gone!

Monday, July 16, 2018

It's Over

Dad and I literally just walked in the door. We all just got home from
the hospital. Mom is gone! My mommy isn't here anymore! She's with Jesus now.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Holding On

Just got word that Mom was bleeding this morning and needed a
blood transfusion. Her kidneys are shutting down! You don't have
to tell me: I know that's NOT good! They're trying to help her,
but don't know for how long. Please pray! Our mom is dying!
God brought her this far, if she can just make it through...