Tuesday, November 7, 2017

THE MAN WHO INVENTED CHRISTMAS | Official Trailer | In theaters November 22

I am so looking forward to this movie! Since watching Beauty and the
Beast, I've wanted to watch Dan Stevens in a new movie. But it's more than
that: he is portraying the great Charles Dickens. He is playing the role of a
writer. I watched the trailer, watched him trying to perfect his characters,
coming up with them, who they are, that terrible writer's block, being in
his element. When I watched the trailer, I'm like, "Yep. Oh, yes! I know how
that feels. I want to see this movie!!" I love, love, love writing. Can't wait.

I know that Charles Dickens is not the person who invented Christmas-in case
anyone should start any controversies about it-. And to be honest, A Christmas
Carol is not my favorite Christmas story. Every version I've watched has been
scary to me, even the old cartoon Mickey's Christmas Carol. But this is different.

Monday, September 11, 2017


Let's not forget what happened 16 years ago today. I remember it was
a beautiful, bright day exactly like this one. I was ten-years-old.
Thankfully, my family and I did not lose any friends or loved
ones that day, but countless others did. Be sure to take at least
a moment today to remember those who sacrificed their lives
in order to save others, those pulled together to offer comfort to
each other, those who lived to tell, and those endured tragic loss.

Remember 9/11, 2001.





Wednesday, June 7, 2017

May in Review

I haven't forgotten you. I have been very, very
busy writing my stories on Fanfiction and am having a blast.
I'm still in the process of getting registered for the CNA
training program, Lord willing. I still have other reviews
I plan to do for Beauty and the Beast live-action film.
Ryan is just growing and talking more, very cute!
Hope this update is good.

Ryan before he got his haircut. He sure does enjoy McDonald's.
He was happy to get this book from a garage sale.
Playing at a farm. Some people had a big gathering for foster
families. Ryan had a blast.
Watching Dad with a fish.
Somebody likes to imitate Dad!

Icing. Yum!

Annah made me a cake to celebrate...
It's official! With God's help, I passed my
driving test! I have my license now! And
driving has been great.


I can't believe we have a swing-set now.


Happy Mother's Day!

Some friends invited us to Six Flags, where
we haven't been since I was 11!
Waiting in line for Thunder River on a hot day.
And waiting...and waiting...



That is me exactly! Sadly, I am not a patient
person, and these were my thoughts even before
I found this picture.
Shopping at Barnes & Noble, playing with a
golden retriever puppy at Petland, and going
to ColdStone Creamery for my birthday! 

Monday, May 29, 2017

"Belle" reprise part 1

One of my personal favorite scenes in the movie. She acts silly as she makes
fun of the very idea of marrying Gaston, yet her mindset on the matter is
dead serious! My favorite lyrics about Gaston in the whole movie.

DOC Some Gave All Part 3

Let's not forget! And it's still going on. Dear Troops, you ARE remembered
and prayed for, and not just today! I hope you know that. Your families and
close friends too! Thank for your service!!! The Kellum Family

DOC Some Gave All Part 2

Monday, May 8, 2017

While I'm Waiting - FIREPROOF Soundtrack

Life is good right now, but I've been thinking too much about how
horrible a fictitious villain character is way too much lately. Need to
fill my mind with good vibes, Scripture, focusing on praiseworthy
things, and this is one of Annah's and my favorite songs. I had
such a blast last week while we were cleaning at one of our accounts,
I was alone downstairs, with my smart phone in my pocket, attached
to my new earbuds, and listening to this song while I pulled trash and mopped.
It was an amazing feeling, especially to think that even in ways like
this I'm trying to serve the Lord, but also that being faithful in the little
things counts more than we think.