Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian White Witch Scene

This is one of the most gripping scenes we've ever watched. After Peter's
blunder and the two of them blaming each other for the results, Caspian is
deceived by one of the traitors. Seeking revenge on his uncle, Caspian is tricked
into seeking help to defeat his uncle. He comes face to face the White Witch's ghost,
seeking him to let her out of her bonds. She promises to help him, but it will come
with a price. Caspian considers doing it, when Peter rushes in with his siblings
and stands off against Jadis.

She offers to help him, and since Peter is so desperate to prove himself at this moment,
he stares at her as if considering! But before he can give in, Edmund destroys the ghost.
Edmund is reminding them of what happened at this very Stone Table, where Aslan
took Edmund's place after he betrayed his family! Peter seems to have lost sight of
that, and Edmund's reaction to both Peter and Caspian is firm but very little is said.
Edmund is reminding them that Aslan's sacrifice meant something, to him, and
that this is like tossing it aside! And when the broken ice shatters, they see a walled
sculpture of Aslan.

This is gripping and powerful! Scripture says that "Satan disguises himself as an
angel of light", but also "prowls around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may
devour." And, he is more than glad to give us a hand when we are in a very
vulnerable position, especially if he has been able to steal our joy and able to
plant seeds of doubt in our minds against the Lord. In this allegory, Edmund
serves as a reminder of what Jesus did on the cross for us, and how we can
lose sight of that, but that it meant something! And, when they see Aslan's
face, it also illustrates that we must always look back to God, no matter
what and that He IS there waiting!

Who Defeated The White Witch?

This scene from Narnia, Prince Caspian is excellent. Lucy points out that
they need to seek Aslan's help, while Peter, driven by insecurities, decides
to do everything on his own. Peter did fight the White Witch, but Aslan
the True King is the One who really defeated her!

This film is so good with the allegoric illustrations of how the Lord is always
there for us, waiting to be called on, by believers and unbelievers. But it is
up to us to choose to call on Him!!! And how we can get so wrapped up
that it's all about us, or on our shoulders, that we can lose sight of Who it's
truly all about or that we don't have to carry it all alone!

Peter messed up in this one, but Aslan did NOT disown him as king because
of his mistakes. Peter had to learn and bear the responsibility of his choices.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Two-Year-Old Piano Guys Fan

Ryan enjoying the Piano Guys. People? You really should listen to this
song more often!


Out to McDonald's after haircut
Best cookies! They are my number one favorite!
Car rides!
This totally me when I was being tutored for math and
could not seem to cut it for anything!!!
This is also me when I think I'm going to lose pictures or
document information on the computer!
YYYEEESSSS!!!! A new book! By the way, I
already finished it.

Life at the Kellums

I'm so sorry it's taken me so long. I have things on my heart
I want to share at times, but it's so detailed and long and I
don't want to start typing it all down then lose it again.

So, anyway. God has helped me. I have completed the classroom
part of my CNA program and am getting ready to start clinicals.
I have been doing my writing, and enjoying it so. Right now it is
easier to write stories than to write heartfelt messages. I try to do
that through my writing.

Helping with Ryan keeps us on our toes! He is three now. I usually
spend my days helping with him, sneaking in what time I can to
write more of my stories, and doing errands. Which, I really enjoy
driving and running errands.

We had an enjoyable Christmas Day together as a family. I'll try to
post those later. I enjoyed my gifts. Got four Beauty and the Beast
themed gifts, and five new books, including Dr. Lesslie's newest one!

This post won't all be in order.

Dad was looking forward to this moment!
Partial cast reunion from Sue Thomas FBEye. No I wasn't
Playing with Ryan
Yes! When I got this Kingdom Hearts keychain for Christmas,
I instantly decided to put it on my new Bible cover.
DVD day!!

I really enjoyed this book!

Homemade honey bun cake!

Orange Dreamsicle shake! YYEESS!!
Visiting and playing with puppies!


More puppy playdates

More to come!