Saturday, May 31, 2014

Super Late Posting

I'm sorry it's been a while. I was trying to gather photos.

2 weeks ago we celebrated my 23rd birthday! I asked Annah to do some things
different this year and she did. Oh, yes. Mom took me out to get a hair cut...AND
I have bangs now! I've never had bangs before, ever. First Mom took Annah and
 Rachel shopping for me, then as soon as they walked in the door, they told me to
leave so I could a haircut. I got in the car and waited for Mom. On the floor of the
front passenger seat I saw 2 pink shopping bags, AND I knew which store they
were from! I honked the car horn so someone would come out, but no one did!
I banged on the window, still nothing. They finally came out and I beckoned
them to come. I pointed to the bags and asked," Am I supposed to see these?"

They said,"No."

I said, "Well, get them out of here."

On the way to get my haircut, I opened the glove compartment looking
for napkins (we keep them in there sometimes to be handy) and my eyes
fell on an iced and sprinkled sugar cookie from CASEY'S gas station! I
 always want to get those when I see them and practically never do. I
knew Annah got it for me. I asked Mom if I wasn't supposed to find
the cookie either. She said, " I don't know. Annah probably got it for
 I thought to myself, No. If she did, it would've been chocolate chip. 
(That's her favorite)

On my real birthday, they hung up orange and white streamers for a
Dreamsicle theme (I love, love, love Orange Cream themed things, the
taste, the scent, the colors). They also gave me a plastic tiara with purple
jewels. We all went out together for lunch at Chik-fil-A. Aunt Jean, Jeremy
and Leona met us there. When we came home, guess what we had to do?
Bake and decorate a graduation cake for Sunday!

When opening my presents, there was one huge box that I could hardly lift.
I thought maybe they were giving me a kitchen appliance or something. When
I opened the top, the box was full of numerous little gifts! Annah and Rachel
tried to equal them up to 23. When I saw all the little wrapped packages in
the box, I sat there and burst out laughing for some reason. It took me a minute
to compose myself. I got a lovely notebook, a light blue white floral tote bag
(which I've been using a lot), some of my favorite candies, a beautiful sky blue
scarf, baking mixes, and many other things I can't recall or picture at the moment.

I had a fun, blessed birthday.

More posts coming up! Tomorrow morning, we're heading down to Branson! Yay!

Just to name a few.
I like this one a lot: pizza, lemonade, sugar cookie, blueberry muffin, and more.

Lunch at Chick-fil-A

Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy Mom's Day

I know it's a day late, but I wanted to wish my mother and
mothers around, a Happy Mother's Day.

I'm so thankful for my mother. She takes us shopping, she's a
great cook and taught us, she will go out of her way for us to
do our projects, she prays for us, she buys us sodas, she has
a burden for other people. Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Love you.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye #5 Diplomatic Immunity

Even more than The Pilot, Diplomatic Immunity is my
top favorite episode on the show of Sue Thomas F.B.Eye!
This one is very true to life, but I really like this one
because it shows how sometimes standing up for what's
right holds a very heavy cost, and how instead of
doing much good, it seems as if it only brings more
and more trouble, and knowing what needs to be done
but with what seems no light at the end of the tunnel.
At this point it seems as if all the circumstances in the
world are against you, instead of being in your favor,
but in the end of this episode, it shows that even in this
world, in the end, the truth will pay off!

Bobby sees a man attacking a woman on the street and pounces
on him. The woman is critically injured but an ambulance shows
up before Sue can even call them for help. But they are forced not
to arrest the man because he has diplomatic immunity. He is a
Sudanese ambassador, MuTambu, who doesn't regret his violent,
heartless action and demands a public apology from Bobby for
his rough misconduct! The team is appalled at the nerve of this
guy and start investigating him. It turns out that MuTambu is
involved in Sudanese trading bringing shipments to the US,
but no one knows what the cargo is.
Though Bobby's job is already at risk, he and Jack sneak
in the shipping yard and inspect the container, where they
find signs of evil they wish they didn't know about. MuTambu
is a slave trader.

Levi cheers Bobby up after a hard day.

The 911 call came from his secretary who knows what kind of 
person he is, but she's afraid. The injured woman was trying to buy her sister
from MuTambu.

Jack and Sue visit and question the injured woman in the hospital.

Sue promises the woman that they will find her sister.

MuTambu thinks nobody can stop him, but Bobby has been giving their clues to
Darcy (Polly Shannen) who uses her newspaper to expose the horror of this crime.
When Darcy's job is put in danger, Bobby speaks up for her which only makes things
worse for him.

Jack, Sue, and the rest of the team don't care how powerful MuTambu thinks he is
and they aren't going to  let possible consequences stop them. When that next
Sudanese shipment comes in, they will be there to greet it!

Do the right thing, come what may!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye #4 Pilot Episode

Sue Thomas (Deanne Bray) is on her way to Washington D.C.!
Her childhood has been different and difficult compared to many,
due to her deafness. She has learned American Sign Language,
learned to speak, and read lips. Fresh out of college, she is
about to enter his very first job. She chooses an unlikely
former abused beautiful Golden Retriever, Levi (Jesse)
to be her companion and hearing-ear dog.

When her car breaks down, she gets to know the older, widowed mechanic, Charlie Adams 
(Jack Jessop) and reaches out to him as he is lonely. Her excitement about working for 
the F.B.I. turns to boredom and insult when it turns out to be a special project-finger
printing for people with disabilities. When she wants to transfer, instead of going 
to Personnel, she stumbles into an agent's office and pours out her complaints to
Jack Hudson (Yannick Bisson). He runs into her again and has her demonstrate
her lip-reading where she lands on a conversation involving Myles Leeland
(Ted Atherton). Sue bumps into Lucy Dotson (Enuka Okuma), the Bureau
roader who is intrigued by Sue's personality.

Jack works to have her transferred to the surveillance team. Sue and Lucy agree to
be honest with each other which means Sue has to tell Lucy of some bad news 
about her friend. While on an assignment in New York, Sue has trouble doing 
her role and breaks up the bust. When they have another chance to catch the
fugitive, the boss wants Sue to stay out of it. Just trying to help, she tracks
down the guy only to be captured by him! But Jack does not abandon her
and goes in to save her. He gets shot in the arm. When Levi nearly dies from a gunshot he kept off
of her and not only does she think she might lose her much-needed dog
but also feels responsible for the incident, Jack, Charlie, and Lucy step
in to help her just when she needs a friend.

After knocking her down, Sue rises and sees Levi lying on the ground-shot!

Sue bends over him and strokes his head, begging God to let him live.

Sue prays for God to spare her dog.

Sue, in tears, looks up as Jack enters the hospital room.

Jack tells Sue that the incident was not her fault, and that she is a capable, kind person.
Sue cries, afraid of losing her dog and overwhelmed with
the kindness and friendship surrounding her.

Lucy gives Sue the first of a round of much needed hugs.

In the morning Sue wakes from Levi licking her hand. She happily strokes him and
thanks God for giving him back to her!

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye #3 Meet the Characters

These characters are each unique in their own way. I
like how God makes each human being different, with their
own personality, preferences, etc.

Here the people of the show.

Sue Thomas (Deanne Bray)

Meet Sue Thomas (played by deaf actress Deanne Bray), a lovely, spunky,
sincere, compassionate, beautiful, funny, caring young woman who fears
God and lives every day to the best of her ability. She's such a beautiful
person (her compassionate heart shines so brightly), displaying gentleness
yet determination on a tough job. Sue keeps the Bureau on its toes with
sound answers and her determined scrapes she gets into.

Levi (Jesse) is Sue's trusty, faithful hearing dog. He's ever at her side, alerting
her to noises, people addressing her, and sometimes saving her life by pushing
her out of the way of something dangerous when due to her deafness, she
doesn't notice it. Levi is such a beautiful, cute, lovable, cuddly dog. He
brings a lot of fun to the Bureau, and everybody loves him.

Jack Hudson

Jack Hudson (Yannick Bisson), the trustworthy, competent, steadfast, handsome,
seasoned agent usually leads the charge in a raid or capturing bad guys. He is the main guy on
the surveillance team who seems to know what to do, and how to treat people.
Jack is usually fair, and hardly ever unreasonable. In fact, Jack is the one who
first notices Sue and then learns about her lip-reading ability. In the beginning,
despite the unintentional blunders she makes, Jack steps in and gives her a
much needed chance to prove herself and also learn from the daily lessons
her job has. Jack is humble, and though sometimes it stings badly, he does
admit when he's been wrong and sees it as his own personal responsibility.
Next to Sue, Jack is my favorite character on the show.
Bobby Mannings

It is never a dull moment around with Australian lovable, charming, absolutely
delightful, soft-hearted agent Bobby Manning (Rick Peters)! Bobby is
quick-snapping at figuring things out, and usually always looks for a way to brighten up
someone's day, and he usually does. He is a great, lively part of the team
and is most of the time, Jack's right hand man. Bobby can get angry sometimes,
but it usually takes a lot to bring him to that point, and if he doesn't do
anything verbally, it does show in his face! The Bureau would be pretty down-
hearted sometimes, and maybe even cold if Bobby wasn't around. What would
they do without him?
Dimitrius Ganz

Demetrius Ganz (Marc Gromes) is the calm, composed, and level-headed agent.
He is very capable and believes strongly in what he fights for.
Lucy Dotson

Beautiful, sophisticated, sparkly Lucy Dotson (Enuka Okuma) is the office
roater. She gets information the guys need, keeps them hopping, and
understands the importance of this job. Lucy has a great sense of humor,
and usually has a joke or funny remark to give, especially on Myles! Lucy
becomes Sue's best friend, and together they share their deep thoughts
and matters on their hearts.
Myles Leeland III

You'll roll your eyes upward or laugh 'til it takes your breath away almost any
time special agent Myles Leeland III (Ted Atherton) walks into the room. In the
beginning, Myles is pretty arrogant, and throughout the show it can take you a
while to get to know him. But if you give him a chance, you'll find that he's
actually very tender-hearted! Yes, he's "self important", (he pretty much
just makes a big noise about it like Eddie Haskell),a big
know-it-all, but he's tenacious, and above all, very amusing.
His facial features and sometimes facial expressions remind me
of Barney Fife. Being a highly-educated man,
he talks in very eloquent speech, and I like some of the vocabulary
phrases he comes up with.
"Such frivolity, the room is virtually awash in hilarity...You'll
forgive me if I pull myself away from this pedestrian case-
work chatter...No security clearance, no access to my area
(he says to a lost dog that comes to his desk and stares
up at him)! "Big Brass" Myles is the prankster pin-cushion:
he is the one who most often gets picked on and teased.
Sue: "Is something bothering you?"
Myles: "Couldn't you tell I wanted to get out of there?"
Sue: "I read lips, Myles. Not minds."
Some of the ones they pull on him are so funny, but he doesn't
take it personally, he knows why they do it. As Sue told the
supervisor who almost fired Myles because he was tired of
his flattering, self-promoting talk, "Myles has a way of bringing us
all together. Even if it's just all of us coming as a unified front against him,
no one else can do it."
Supervisor: " make a very good case...I'll give Myles another
chance, at least, until the next time he shoots himself in the foot! What's
so funny?"
Sue: "I know it's just a figure of speech, but he could actually do that!"
I have to admit, when I first watched the show, I didn't like Myles. He was
too mean and arrogant for my taste, but now the show would be pretty dull
without him!

Tara Williams

And then there is Tara Williams (Tara Samuels), the funny, easy-going but
intelligent code-cracker computer geek. She finds loads of information
through the computer, plus many resources. When the team is about to
capture a bad guy, and they're all in positions with their wired little ear
phones, Tara is the one who is in the main hiding place with the secret 
cameras (often with Sue there, reading the lips) letting the guys know
what's up, who's coming, and when to strike! Alongside Lucy, Tara is
the main Bureau informant for the surveillance team, and her 
expertise is often one of the main portals of solving the cases.

Supervisor Ted Garrett (Eugene Clark) and Myles