Saturday, January 21, 2017

Food for Thought

Whether you agree or disagree isn't the point.

Friday, January 20, 2017

December 2016 in Review

Happy New Year, everybody! I thought I'd start with
pictures from last month.

Christmas Decorations
Our new Christmas tree star
First snow
We took Ryan out to look at lights. He had a blast!
Ryan's 2nd birthday
The new Christmas Paw Patrol DVD!
Recognizing his favorite characters from Paw Patrol
He stared at this paper with fascination because it had a train
on it. He is so into trains right now.
Annah, ready to head to our family Christmas party at Tatum's.
Christmas Eve
Dad has always made it a Kellum tradition to open at
least one gift on Christmas Eve, but this year we did quite
a few because we got a lot of clothes that we pretty much
knew what they were, as Dad had us pick what we wanted
and he ordered them really close to Christmas.

Helping Mom open her big gift.
A trunk. It was so pretty, and when we found
it on the internet, we're like: "Mom would like that."
It reminds us of Anne of Green Gables, and
Main Street in Old St. Charles.
Ryan helping
Pretty new coat from Dad
Waiting. Actually, this gift was for Annah but Ryan really liked
the paper.
Annah gave me a Kingdom Hearts key ring!
Gifts are not the most important part of celebrating Christmas, but
they are a very special part to a lot of people.
Christmas Morning
Dad and I attended church while Annah and Mom stayed home with Ryan
to get things ready. When we got home, Ryan was napping, so we
all agreed to open our gifts after lunch that way Ryan
wouldn't have to get impatient waiting for each of us to have our turn.
Homemade quiche on Christmas day, same as always
It was our first Christmas without Chloe, and we missed her.
There are still times where I tear up, digesting the reality
of her absence and still vividly remembering the details
of her death. But the Lord helped us and I tried not to focus
on it. And we still hand a very enjoyable Christmas.

We only started watching this show last year, and while we
do not agree with all the content in it, we really like the
show and the family atmosphere, especially in the first season.

We got this for Ryan a while back. It's a little big, but we
don't see this one very often and it was on sale, and he
does like Toy Story.
Annah's been wanting this for a long time.
Annah gave me this book and it's helping prepare me for the
training program that I'm planning to take this year.
Now that was unexpected! But, hey, I like it!
For the passed few years, I've-we've-become
a big Sherlock Holmes fan.
Dad's favorite store is Rural King, so we got him a Rural
King cap and gift card.
Dad always buys us new throws every year, and we realized
that we never get one for him. So we grabbed a blue one. But
Ryan saw it and claimed it, well, tried to. He likes his blankets.
Joy? Yes! Joy is my favorite emotion from the
Disney/Pixar film Inside Out, and I've looked
for a good Joy action figure in our stores where
she should be but could never find her. There
were plenty of Anger, but no Joy. Annah gave her to
me for Christmas. That made me smile.
Exploring the tree
"It's Christmas! Let's be happy, people!"
One of my gifts for Annah was a Kingdom Hearts Keyblade
necklace! Yes, Annah and I KH fans.
AND...Annah gave me a Woody shirt! I've never,
ever had one before in my life but I was thrilled
when it came in the mail. She ordered it all the
way from China!
I hope you had a blessed Christmas too. Love, Rebecca
"Who is He in yonder stall?
At Whose feet the shepherds fall?

'Tis the Lord, oh wondrous story!
'Tis the Lord, the King of glory!
At His feet we humbly fall,
Crown Him, crown Him Lord of all."
"Jesus is either Lord of all,
Or not Lord at all."