Thursday, March 16, 2017

Still Waiting...

AND, have to wait another two years for Toy Story4
to come out. I can't wait to see it! The writers said it's
going to be a 'romantic comedy' but after reading other
details about it, I'm thinking, "This is too tender and precious
to be called a comedy!" Though I know they'll have the humor
in it. Praying for the writers and all those involved in it. In the
meantime, I'm trying to gather my ideas together to write
my own fanfic of Woody and Bo Peep being reunited.

By the way, my family and I just watched UP for the first time.
We all liked it so much, even Ryan! Can add it to our list of
favorite Pixar films.

Will we get to see more of this? I think so.

Life at the Present

I know I haven't posted for a while. Have had a lot of
character building moments the passed couple months.
One thing's for sure: when you do foster care, you
learn really fast how life is not all about yourself!
It humbles you fast. And it is a wearing thing sometimes.
We have a another little boy with us right now
and if I'm honest, my attitude hasn't been the best
about it. I've had lots of selfish thoughts. I am studying
to become a CNA, though I'm not in training yet-but
I am looking forward to it!-. Well, this other boy-not
our little Ryan-came up out of the blue and I was not for the idea.
I felt like I had everything planned and on track
and was excited for where God was about to take
me next. And then? Then another kid enters out home
and now some things go slower. Well, God is in control
and knows what He's doing. You know what they say,

"If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans."

I didn't want another kid so soon, especially after earlier
last year with a the little boy who was beyond a handful!
For the longest time, I was being negative-I'm an optimist!-
I was having negative thoughts and shared them. It's been a
struggle. God brought him here to learn care and love,
and I kept focusing on, "Lord, now I have to focus on
another child, and I wanted to focus on getting prepared
for my next big step!" I've had rebellious feelings about this
though the Lord has patiently recently helped me do
better. I'm still not totally comfortable with it, but
God is pruning me. All the things I've said and stood
for about caring for people, doing what's right,
people are more important...oh my, it has so been
one of those "Time to practice what you preach" seasons!

You've asked me to share about some of our experiences
in foster care, well, I'll share some of the basics, but essential
parts you can know about, and will need to know about if you
are considering foster care!

-Paperwork! If you already feel swarmed with paperwork at
home from all parts of life, well, this will add to it. Of course,
if you are one of those people who enjoys the challenge of tackling a
large project, then you certainly won't feel as tired from it! Good
for you.

-Schedule! You definitely need a calendar planner, and trust me,
you will use it! One day you can look at the calendar and see nothing
written down for the plans as you're talking on the phone to a doctor,
counselor, social worker, or friend. Then by that Friday, you look
again while answering a similar phone call, to find that all your
weekends and Mondays in the month are booked up with appointments!!
There will be home visits from the social workers, meetings with
counselors, visits for the children and parents to try to get back
together, doctor appointments, psychiatrist appointments-varies
for children and circumstances, school arrangements for the
child...just to name a few!

-Questions: Yes, be prepared for questions-especially if your new to this
system!-, questions for you to ask for the child and yourselves, and the
care plan, AND questions you'll have to answer or try to answer
from the children!

These are three of the big things you'd better get used to, not to mention
the physical and emotional needs of the child, and yourself and your family-
yes, do not neglect yourself, you need to survive!-that will come up.
And there is so much more. Compassion fatigue is a hazard, depending
on the circumstances, but when it happens, it's such a drained, dry
feeling. You feel like, "I've tried so hard and given so much, and
now I feel like a dried up water pitcher with only a single drop of
water left to offer!" Hey, you're planting seeds, and it does more
than it shows, but not everyone is grateful right away, and
sadly some just aren't grateful ever. It's hard.

Foster care does require commitment, and there can be times that
you're strongly feeling, "What have I gotten myself into," or
"Why in the world did I ever agree to do this?" Those moments
will come, and they're not fun. Keep going to the Lord and
leaning on His strength! Well, do that in general but believe me,
this will drive you to Him much harder than usual! Bottom
line, foster care is not for everyone. It can be very rewarding
but it can get very discouraging. If you're considering becoming
a foster family to open your home to destitute children, that's
wonderful and God bless you! But, I strongly suggest you truly
seek the Lord about it to see if it's really what you should be
doing. There's much more into it than meets the eye!

Anyway, here are some pictures.

Leona's little Caroline three years ago...
Leona's little Caroline now! She didn't
pose her for this picture, Lina was just sitting
there like this.
We should remember everyday the price Jesus paid to save us.
And He didn't have to either! He could've saved Himself, but
He sacrificed Himself-willingly!
This has been pressing on my mind a lot the
passed couple months. It's not something
you just blurt out a 'yes' to!
Need to remember this!
How about a little Sue Thomas FBEye humor?
If you know who Myles is, you completely understand!
Boy, you really think so, Myles?
I felt exhilarated to see these two men meet up in this picture when I found
it! Barry Van Dyke and TC Stallings. TC Stallings played the lead male
role in the Kendrick Brothers film, War Room and he did a phenomenal
job. God bless him for his strong drive to serve Jesus. We've known of
Barry Van Dyke since we were kids. Found out he is playing a role
in the new film Heavenly Deposit, which sounds like it's going to be
another great faith film! The plot is based on real events that have
happened to people, and I can't wait to watch it when it comes out in
Kingdom Hearts 0.2 was a bit disappointing, especially with
how short the story was. But it was good to see Aqua make
her way back to the realm of light with the help of King Mickey.
The Kingdom Hearts game series is unlike any I have ever seen!
Whoever came up with the whole story plot, my thumb's up to you.
These games are like analogical portrayals of what the Christian's
life is about, fighting the darkness with truth, standing fast for the
truth, betrayal, forgiveness, redemption, the stray returning to
the straight and narrow but struggling with it, the true King
watching and fighting with his subjects, and coming on the
scene to help just when it looks like all hope is lost. I'm
telling you, these encourage me in my spiritual walk with
Jesus, and Annah agrees!
And a little Disney wisdom for the day
And after that, Simba ducks his head the next time Rafiki
swings his stick. See, he's learning already.
So, how is your spring going? Hope God can use this post to help
someone. Excited for what He may have planned for us this year!
Love, Rebecca