Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Little Bit

Caroline "Rosie", George's little sister is growing fast. She's so
cute. Such a pretty little thing.

She looks a little bit like cousin Nora in this picture.


The 21st was Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary.

Happy belated anniversary, Mom and Dad! We love you so much and hope
you enjoyed it.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Mark & Kaitlyn Ritter's Wedding

I'm so sorry the blog's been so quiet lately, I realized I only
did 3 posts for September. Well, I haven't really had much to
share about.

Anyway, October 5th we attended the wedding Mark Ritter and
Kaitlyn Whittington. It was beautiful! The ceremony was so good
and wonderful. But I have to admit, I wasn't able to "take it all in"
the whole time because I was concentrating
 on trying to take good pictures with the cameras I had
which were dying on me on and off! I know the photos aren't as good
 quality as some, but they're what I was able to get.

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Tornatore catered for the reception. Mom and
Dad used to go to church with them years ago. They prepare excellent
food, and he liked our cake!

Kaitlyn was a beautiful bride! Dad snapped a phone picture of her coming
down the aisle, which I was unable to get when she was right in my view.
Mark was an excited, happy groom. It was cute to see them so joyful together.

We were asked to make a chocolate groom's cake for the ceremony! We were
happy to do it, but it took a lot of decisions, a lot of cake, and agreements between
us cake decorators. It was heavy to lift too, but the Lord protected it and we were
able to get it to the church in one piece, or should I say altogether!

It was wonderful to attend a great wedding again. Thank you, Ritters for inviting
us! Mark and Kaitlyn, may the Lord mightily bless your marriage and may you
grow to love His Word and each other more and more everyday, and
may they be rich with His blessings! The Kellums

Groom's cake, all ready to go!

Exquisite monogram

Unity candle
Debra, Mother of the Groom
Sword bearers: Tyler Brown & Isaiah Ritter
Tabitha Ritter
Jedidiah & Amariah Ritter
Rebekah Ritter
Esther Ritter
Joshua & Zipporah Ritter
Lailee Ritter
Junior bridesmaids: Lilliana Whittington, Helen Ritter, & Bailey Whittington
Here comes the bride!
Beautiful train!
Pastor Marcus Serven married them. He did a phenomenal job!
Tom Ritter sharing
Charging his son
Exchange of vows
Time to light the unity candle

You may kiss the bride!

Benediction from Numbers 6

A joyful friend praying

Yummy snacks

The table decor was adorable.

One of the cakes

Sweet cake top!

Our cake
Ushers: Josiah & Tommy Ritter
Entrance of the bridal party

Maid of Honor and Best Man: Cindy & Steve Tornatore

Jessica & Renee Littmann

Time to eat!

Bring out the grub!
The reception was full of guests and groomsmen who were HEADS tall!
My namecard
The young guy sitting at our table drew John Wayne from an iphone photo!

Time to cut the cakes.

Esther & me
We left exhausted but were able to see the car on our way out.