Tuesday, February 10, 2015


People, I'm hoping to catch up on posts. I have news.
We've been officially licensed as a foster family,
which means we're opening our home to children!
We're doing that right now, but I'm sorry I can't
share much about it, because for privacy and
safety's sake, we're legally not allowed to share
details or photos on social media. That's what
we're up to right now. We have a little boy with us
right now and we're enjoying him, but that's
about all I can tell you. Just wanted you to know.

Monday, February 9, 2015

George's 3rd Birthday

Okay, here is a post that's way overdue, but the computer system is much
better now, so that's means uploading is too!

George's birthday was celebrated with his favorite thing: water.
We had a swimming party. George had a lot of fun, and the cake
 was a replica of his most favorite toy: Dino!

Happy birthday, George!
Birthday boy
George recognized what the cake was supposed to be and reached to eat on his "balls".
Water time!
Happy boy
Donald and Adalynn
John and Henry
Playing in the water
Leona, Aunt Jean, and George
Birthday boy all partied out.