Monday, June 25, 2012

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

CHEF Conference 2012

At first it looked like we might not be able to go, but we
did end up attending the CHEF conference.  We had a 
blessed time browsing, and talking with friends. I 
missed the Rainbow Resource vendor, I like their 
items they bring. I'm glad we went.

Esther Ritter
At the Family Vision Library booth
Don and Audrey Johnson
Dad talking with Holly Silverstone
 Holly Silverstone used to babysit, play with, and spend a lot 
of time with Annah and me when we were little!  We really
enjoyed her when we were little, and we haven't seen her
for years! The last time we saw her was a few years ago
at Sam's. We had no idea she was at the conference
with her husband! I was talking with someone
and saw Mom coming. She was looking 
surprised at someone behind me, but I kept
talking. But then I turned around and...I was surprised!

Eddie Coad playing with a visitor
Liam Coad with Grandma

Liam and Aunt Micah
Dad and Don Johnson
Hannah Valeu and me

Holly talking with Matt and Bethany
I hope to buy this sometime!
The Klein's booth
One of our favorite booths. We really enjoy these biographies.
Lots of folks in costumes

Baby Shower for Liesl

Last Saturday we attended a baby shower for Jennifer's
good friend, Liesl. Throughout their married life, Liesl
and her husband have tried very hard to have children,
without much success and looks as if this is the only
baby they'll ever have. Jennifer really wanted to
support Liesl and encourage her, and she had us
make the cake. We were happy to do it and
Liesl's expecting a baby girl, which made the
shower even more fun and exciting.

Annah put eyelet dots on the cake.

Liesl likes petit fours, and Jennifer helped us make them as a surprise for Liesl!
Nora was so cute toddling around in her white dress.

Samantha was in charge of the necklaces for the necklace game.
Time for games, time to think!
Samantha and Liesl
Mom and Nora

Time for gifts

I took this picture from upstairs, and Nora was staring up there.
When I came down and into the living room she kept 
looking back at me and then at the stairs, trying to figure out
what happened! It was cute.

Someone's getting sleepy.

Good friends- Liesl is due anytime  and Jennifer is due in December!
"The fruit of the womb is His reward," Psalm 127:3

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Belated Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Dad! Sorry, this is a couple days late!

I'm so thankful for our dad. He has to get up at 4:30 A. M. every morning
 on the week days and work until 3 in the afternoon.
Dad enjoys working hard. He loves to help and bless others. At a gathering,
You can often find him walking around with a broom and dust pan
or a dust mop. If he's not doing that, he's probably playing with little
children or talking with someone. He's a talker-I guess that's where
I get it from! Ha! Ha!
Dad loves the Lord so much and he enjoys blessing us. Sometimes
not a special occasion he'll take Mom out to dinner, he's teaching
me how to drive, he buys us soda from the gas station, he likes
to go for rides sometimes just to go somewhere (so do I!), he'll
take Chloe somewhere for a short time to let her explore,
he'll read through the Bible with us and then lead us in
intercessory prayer, sometimes he'll bring Mom home a
rose unexpectedly (sometimes one for each of us!),
he loves to give, he likes to get projects accomplished,
I could go on and on. I love you so much, Dad! I'm so grateful
for you and for your support in Annah and me saving our
hearts and bodies for our husband. And I am so looking
forward to that special day (Lord willing) when you'll
take my arm and hand in yours and walk me down the
aisle to the man we've prayed for, you'll give me to him
with your full blessing. And I can't wait for the day when
(Lord willing) you and Mom  will come to visit my husband
and me in the hospital and we'll present to you our very
first child! I'm praying that God will bring this about
in our lives and hope it's a time of rejoicing for you

"Remove not the ancient landmark,
which your fathers have set."
Proverbs 22:28

Monday, June 4, 2012

Avery John Notgrass

Some of these pictures I downloaded from John and
Audra's website, some Audra sent us, some I think
she would've, some I took.

Audra's 1st baby shower October 2010

Excited mom-to-be   

Cousins Eddie and Avery on the way!

Avery & Mommy
Meeting Avery at the Homeschool Expo 2011

October 2011

Avery and Uncle Luke

At this time Audra was pregnant with little Glory Dawn.

Avery was smiling at Daddy.
After I took the above picture, I gave Audra one more hug 
good-bye, and as I did, Avery gave me a little kiss on the face!

February 2012  Sharon Wilkerson watching Avery and Eddie.

At home
In Texas
Playing with Mommy
Recent trip to California

Audra, John, Avery, Eddie, Matt, & Bethany
Last week at the hospital for a mouth infection
Pray as much and as hard as you can for John and Audra. This is so
devastating to them and Audra is 8 months pregnant with another baby
boy! She is deeply depressed. We heard yesterday that Avery died 
in her arms! I hope they will be able to move forward with their 
lives. We've seen John in past hard times try to be strong and
cheer up his wife, but this...just so hard, so, so painful.

We love you, John and Audra. We loved Avery. He was a delight.
We hope that through time God will heal your wounded,
hurting hearts. Please cling to Him with all the strength
you have left! 

"Well, I know a mansion's waiting
On the hillside up above,
And I long to see my Jesus' face
To worship Him in love.
So this time when I bid you farewell,
It won't be quite the same
But no good-bye can last forever
When we're one in Jesus' Name!

And I will see you soon,
Oh, it really won't be long!
Before you and I together
Will lift praises to His throne!
Before we walk the streets of gold,
With your hands closed in mine;
Oh, stay faithful to the Savior
For it really won't be long!"
It Won't Be Long -Rachel Wissmann

"...O Lord, and give ear to my cry; do not be 
silent at my tears;"
Psalm 39:12