Thursday, June 21, 2012

CHEF Conference 2012

At first it looked like we might not be able to go, but we
did end up attending the CHEF conference.  We had a 
blessed time browsing, and talking with friends. I 
missed the Rainbow Resource vendor, I like their 
items they bring. I'm glad we went.

Esther Ritter
At the Family Vision Library booth
Don and Audrey Johnson
Dad talking with Holly Silverstone
 Holly Silverstone used to babysit, play with, and spend a lot 
of time with Annah and me when we were little!  We really
enjoyed her when we were little, and we haven't seen her
for years! The last time we saw her was a few years ago
at Sam's. We had no idea she was at the conference
with her husband! I was talking with someone
and saw Mom coming. She was looking 
surprised at someone behind me, but I kept
talking. But then I turned around and...I was surprised!

Eddie Coad playing with a visitor
Liam Coad with Grandma

Liam and Aunt Micah
Dad and Don Johnson
Hannah Valeu and me

Holly talking with Matt and Bethany
I hope to buy this sometime!
The Klein's booth
One of our favorite booths. We really enjoy these biographies.
Lots of folks in costumes


  1. Rebecca -- I am a regular reader but rarely comment. I wanted to let you know that your friends, the Notgrass family, have been in my thoughts and I am hoping they are finding comfort and healing.

    I enjoy your blog and would love to know how you usually spend your days as a stay-at-home-daughter and preparing for your future.


  2. What a grand time you all had at the conference. I absolutely love looking through all your pictures, and seeing the faces of the different people attending. It looks like you were able to catch up with friends at the conference and that is always a good thing to do.

    Were you not at the same conference the Maxwells were at? I am thinking probably not, as you would have had pictures of the girls at least. They are always good to see and visit with.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  3. No, we attended the Missouri CHEF Homeschool Convention. The Maxwells were at the Philadelphia SEARCH Homeschool Convention.