Monday, December 14, 2015


I have Christmas d├ęcor pictures to work on
before I post them, but don't worry, I have a
few blog posts pending. I thought I'd share a few
pictures of a few drawings I've done over time.
But I've done many, many more than just these.
I enjoy drawing a lot, and I'm so thankful that God
gave me the gift for it!

Roses are my number one favorite flower, though drawing nature is not my favorite.

Helen Keller, I drew this from an aged photo from one her biographies.

This is from the World Famous Lippazaner Stallions. If you've never seen them perform, you're missing a great show.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Toy Story Fanfiction: Night in the Woods

Hi, these drawings are from one of my early stories.
When the idea of the plot came to me, I couldn't stop smiling
and the first chapter was a lot of fun as the dialogue just
spilled into my mind. I really enjoyed working on
this story and personally (not trying to boast), it's
one of my favorite ones, from my own work, that is.

 It begins with Woody, Buzz, and Jessie playing a game of Blind Man's Bluff,
and they invite a few of the other toys to join them.
Slinky agrees, but the others decline. Due to his tiny arms, Rex says that it's
difficult for him to catch others during the game, and Princess Mitsy
sarcastically tells him that he made a wise decision because the trio
can be troublesome. Rex and Potato head leave, and Woody, Buzz, and
Jessie grin sneakily at Mitsy. She insists she will not play with them
because of the embarrassing prank they pulled on her last time. They
convince her to play, though she is wary about it.

When Mitsy gets tagged, as Buzz is blindfolding her, Woody, remembering
the before mentioned prank, teases her:
Woody-"Okay, everyone. Let's go find our hiding places."
Mitsy-"Don't you dare!" Though her vision is now blocked, she twists
her head around toward the voice and points her finger at him.
Andy and his friend Carl are going to a state park for some nature study
for school. Andy takes Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Bullseye with him.
While he is occupied, they explore the woods a little and then give
chase in trying to get back Woody's hat, which has been stolen
by a wild animal.

As they wander off, Andy accidentally leaves them behind to go home, and
Jessie becomes panic-stricken as they try to make their way back only to
realize that they are lost!
While they try to find a bulletin board with a park map on it, Woody is snatched
by a hawk and Buzz and Jessie have to save him!
Woody is pinned to a limb, about to be pecked to pieces!


Woody is a bit shaken from the frightening experience and can't seem to find
his land legs.

When Andy returns home, he discovers that his favorite toys are not in his
backpack, and gets anxious, begging his mom to take him back to the park.
She calmly tells him that they will have to wait 'til morning because
the park is closed for the night. Andy's other toys are very worried about
their friends, but Bo Peep remains the brave and strong one (like
Woody), reminding them that Woody and Buzz are both intelligent and
that they'll all take care of each other.
A hostile and hungry creature snatches up Jessie, and Woody and Buzz have to
rescue her!
Woody feels bad after Jessie, still shocked from her fear, yells at him, and speaks
unkindly to him.
After she's had a few minutes to calm down, Jessie sadly apologizes to her
brother for treating him so harshly after he helped save her life!
Mitsy can't sleep, so she climbs up on Molly's dresser to talk with Bo Peep.
 Bo isn't displaying her hidden worry about their friends, and keeps talking
positively, saying they have to keep thinking that way. Mitsy admires the
way Bo Peep is so calm and nurturing, just like a mother.


Mitsy quietly goes into Andy's room and slips underneath the bed where
some of the other toys are gathering. She sits with them and shares
 the benefit of Bo Peep's wisdom.
Andy's toys watch the next morning in eager anticipation as he anxiously
jumps into the van to find his favorite toys.
Woody, Buzz, Jessie, and Bullseye are so relieved to be home!
Jessie, so happy that their owner did NOT abandon them as she'd feared,
signs in Sign Language, "There's no place like home!"