Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good-Bye to an Old Friend

Aunt Jean's dog, Barkley is suffering no more. He passed away yesterday!
Oh, how we're all going to miss him! I was 6-years-old when they got him.
He was a stray and they rescued him. Leona loved him all over.
I used to squeeze hug him when I was younger, but later I learned to be more
gentle with him. Through time, he learned to enjoy my company more once
I passed the squeezing stage.

My fondest memories of him are every year since he came, how many times
I've sat on the floor and have him curled in my lap. I'm going to miss those
times so very much!

Barkley was a fun family dog. Everybody liked him. For a few years, he kept
switching sleeping in either Leona's or Donald's room. 

Everybody loved him. He was fun to cuddle with and stroke his beautiful
coat. Even the teenage guys liked to pat him and have him nearby.

Earlier this year, his health started to decline rapidly. He'd lost so much weight
since May. If he'd made to the end of this month, he'd be 20-years-old. But
there was no way that was going happen. The passed couple months he'd
become very, very fragile. When I pet him or stroked him, you could feel
his bones very much. This past month he had a very ugly tumor on his right
side which tripled in size in just a matter of days. The vet said it was moat likely
cancer and there wasn't much they could do because he was so old and already
in very poor health. So Leona and everyone prepared to lay Barkley to rest.
He was suffering so bad! When we looked at the horrible tumor on his side,
it'd bring tears to our eyes. Sunday night, we went over there to say good-bye
to him. Yesterday, his sufferings ended. I'm so glad he's no longer in terrible pain.
But oh, we're going to miss him. The hard part is going to be getting used to him
not being around!

My little buddy, a wonderful dog. Chloe and he got along great.
They were good friends, pals, and playmates. They enjoyed being together when
Aunt Jean has watched Chloe for us if we've been on a trip.

We gave this treat box to Barkley 11 years ago. 

Down in the basement during a tornado warning.
Barkely, that's George's seat, you know.

Giving Barkley treats for the last time.

Cuddled in bed.

I love you, Buddy.

Barkley, Beloved Dog and Fun Cuddles

Good-bye, Barkley! I love you and will miss you so much!
We love you and will miss you so much!