Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Okay, one thing that I have been so into this summer
is writing. I have been writing down stories on the
Fanfiction website where you can put down your own
versions of books, movies, games or whatever. As long as
I put a note in my fanfic that I do not own the production
I'm writing about. On this website you can put down how
you wish a movie or book could've ended, what you think
it must have felt like for the characters or even add your own
I have been writing in the Toy Story
community, that is my number 1# favorite Disney series.
I like how the characters, though flawed, are like family to
each other and no matter what, always end up sticking
together through the cheers and insults, joy and tears,
fears and dreams, arguments and comfort. They stick
together, through thick and thin!
I have enjoyed some other writers' stories on there, but
I have to be honest, some I don't even read because the title
and summary give away the dirty content. Sometimes just
seeing what some people focus on, I'm thinking, "Ugh. Please.
Did you have to put that in there?"
That's one reason I'm on there. I want to keep my stories clean
and readable (any goodness is because of Jesus living in me).
You're welcome to read them. Just type in Toy Story Fanfiction
and look for ones written by Mustard Lady. grin. Yep, that's my pen name!
If you do read my stories, please let me know your thoughts!

I hope you enjoy! Rebecca


Okay, people. I've been thinking about this little corner of the
Kellum world on the internet everyday, trying and trying
to think of what to share or post, and feeling just blank.

I've been busy taking pictures of our foster child, but sadly am not
allowed to share them with you or details about it. Well,
foster care has kept us busy!!

I'm sorry, but I only have a few pictures to share with you right now.

Okay, some of the interests that are mentioned in our blogger profile
are more of my personality since I'm the one who keeps this blog up.

4th of July cookies
Cake for Grandma's 80th birthday

Until a month or two ago, Annah and I have never watched the
Perry Mason show. We like it. It's not as exciting as others with
action-packed crime-solving, but it's always interesting to see how he as
a defense attorney who acts like a detective is able to prove his
client's innocence. Dillah Street is kind and sweet. Lt. Tragg? Ugh.
Okay, he's a homicide detective and that's not an easy job,
however, he bugs me. The way he always seems to be chasing after
Perry and Paul Drake instead of being as thorough as them to solve a case.
What I don't understand is that smug grin he always wears when he
believes he's on the scent. He acts like it's a competition. He
should focus on what happened instead trying to boost his ego.

I've noticed that Disney is starting to focus more on what true love is
as portrayed in their movies, Tangled and Frozen. Maybe even they
are tired of the stereotypical storylines that are out there.
In Tangled, we learn that Flynn Rider is partial to brunettes, but
that doesn't stop him from loving Rapunzel as they get to know
each other. So many of the other princess movies focus on
"true love's kiss" or you just know that the prince and princess
are going to love each other. When Flynn is dying by the moment
from a stab wound to the torso, he prevents Rapunzel from healing
him by cutting off her magical hair, because he loves her and doesn't
want her to live in bondage anymore with Gothel who has selfishly used
the girl's hair for herself all this time. This movie shows that looks are not
what counted or drew Flynn and Rapunzel together. She was willing to
sacrifice herself for him by living with Gothel the rest of her life, if only
the woman would let her help Flynn, the man she loves. Flynn would
rather die and than see the woman he loves live as a prisoner and
doesn't care what she looks like with short or long hair: as long as
she is safe and they have each other, that is what matters to him!

I noticed in Frozen, that when one of Kristoff's family mentioned
"true love's kiss" to save Anna who was beginning to freeze to death,
the Grand Poppy didn't contradict them. All he said was that,
"Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart." But he doesn't
even explain to Kristoff and Anna what that truly means: he lets
them learn it for themselves, even in the situation they're facing!
I think this was to leave the audience thinking they know the
solution to Anna's hope, and be totally taken by surprise later.
Notice that throughout the movie, various acts of care are
administered to Anna, yet she is still getting weaker and colder.
The first time I watched Frozen with Annah, and we were at the
scene where Elsa thinks Anna is dead and doesn't see Prince
Hans coming behind her to murder her and Anna, almost frozen to
death sees Kristoff far away, Annah told me to pay close
attention. Anna sees her sister, Elsa in danger then looks
back to Kristoff who could warm her up in a hug. Remembering
Olaf's words:
"Love is putting someone else's needs before yours", with her last
ounce of strength, she turns away from Kristoff and runs in the
opposite direction, and with a raised hand, throws herself in front
of her sister, right in the line of Hans' sword!! When I saw that
scene for the first time, I was NOT expecting that! I was astounded!

Anyway, enough ramblings for right now. Good night. Rebecca