Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Okay, one thing that I have been so into this summer
is writing. I have been writing down stories on the
Fanfiction website where you can put down your own
versions of books, movies, games or whatever. As long as
I put a note in my fanfic that I do not own the production
I'm writing about. On this website you can put down how
you wish a movie or book could've ended, what you think
it must have felt like for the characters or even add your own
I have been writing in the Toy Story
community, that is my number 1# favorite Disney series.
I like how the characters, though flawed, are like family to
each other and no matter what, always end up sticking
together through the cheers and insults, joy and tears,
fears and dreams, arguments and comfort. They stick
together, through thick and thin!
I have enjoyed some other writers' stories on there, but
I have to be honest, some I don't even read because the title
and summary give away the dirty content. Sometimes just
seeing what some people focus on, I'm thinking, "Ugh. Please.
Did you have to put that in there?"
That's one reason I'm on there. I want to keep my stories clean
and readable (any goodness is because of Jesus living in me).
You're welcome to read them. Just type in Toy Story Fanfiction
and look for ones written by Mustard Lady. grin. Yep, that's my pen name!
If you do read my stories, please let me know your thoughts!

I hope you enjoy! Rebecca

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  1. Way back in the 80's I wrote fan fiction in the X-Files community. They are still going after all these years. Everyone is excited for the 6 new episodes in January. My daughter wrote for a number of shows. Some of the stories by other writers were novel length. We knew how the stories were graded and presented and could choose to read what we wanted.

    Glad you found something you liked. We have the Toy Story video, but I think it went to Chicago with my daughter. Most of the Disney movies are there. I prefer the Marvel universe with Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and the like. Right now I'm too busy with real life to even think about writing any fiction. I'm going back to accounting after 15 years away. I hope that 1+1 still equal 2.