Thursday, May 31, 2012

Turkey Hill Memorial Day 2012

Well, what a weekend we had at Turkey Hill! It was great! We missed the Wilkerson and Valeu families,
but they couldn't make it. It was a full camp! Just to let you know, I didn't get many pictures of us.
The speaker, Doug Miller-whoa! He was great. When I first heard what he'd be talking about
during the weekend, End Times Prophecies, I wasn't very enthusiastic (it's not one of my favorite subjects
to talk about). But after the last message on Monday morning, it helped me see it in
a different light, and also now I feel better about it.  One minute he had you laughing,
but the next minute, he gave "that look" and the tone that demanded your
attention. We were able to meet some new people. We had a good time, just that
it was so hot!


Annah playing Carpet Pool in the gym
It was so nice to have the Hansen family there.
In the picture above, Diana is teaching her mom how to play chess, and with
a little help from Annah and even little Dale, guess who won? That's right.
Diana's mom!

Mrs.  Ragland and her newest grand baby.
Dad helping with lunch clean up
The cooks, mostly camp staff, are such serving people.
Sonny Williams, The Director of the camp, leading praise time
Speaker, Doug Miller
Servants at heart
Adam Horn, Eli Horn's uncle, sharing from Scripture
The caffeteria, one of my favorite places for fellowship and relaxing
This isn't an older man who is worn out, it's Doug Miller!
A little girl with big brother
Winning team of the scavenger hunt


Annah and children
The Hansen children were a delight.

Okay, there's a story behind the above photo. Sunday, when Doug 
Miller was speaking, he was told he had until 11:15, 15 minutes
before lunch, but he thought they were kidding and got carried
away in his message. Of course, they let him do it. After several
minutes, he asked how they were doing on time, and Sonny
said lunch was at 12:30. Doug asked what time it was.
Someone shouted out 12:25! I wish I could've gotten a picture
to show the expression on Mr. Miller's face!

Sunday afternoon the gym was full of activity, as usual.
Kickball game

Colin Hill

Playing Dutch Blitz with Olivia, Susannah,...
Alexis, and Annah
Adam Horn singing

Sunday night-activity night

Volleyball! YAY!
Speed volleyball was a little more pressuring though!

I was told by one of the men on my team mates Monday morning
that we won-won the volleyball tournament! Wow! The 
director didn't mention it, but who cares! I was finally on a
winning tea, for a change. No criticism of anyone but 
myself. There's just one thing: I played and played
with my team, but they played the final game after I 
went to bed! The Lord helped us, and two of the players
on my team are very good at volleyball, so it's not for any credit due 
to me! I'm not too good at volleyball, but I do like playing it,
have ever since I was younger.


Chess in the lobby always seems to have an audience, and very competitive too.
You can find all kinds of interesting things at Turkey Hill.
Doug Miller and Ross Ragland
"Okay now, you better say this right. Make sure they're listening."
Singing together one more time
Fish tournament winners

"Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, Thou that leads Joseph, like a 
flock; Thou that dwells between the cherubim, shine forth!"
Psalm 80:1

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Miracle

Yesterday, we came very close to losing Jennifer! She called in the morning
and didn't sound well. Later in the afternoon, she  called again saying she
was getting sick and needed someone to watch Nora, but we weren't close
enough, so Leona came and Donald was heading home from work. Then
Leona called us and told us to come get Nora because  they were going
to take Jennifer to the E.R. We rushed there as fast as we could. Two
friends were there trying to help, then Aunt Jean arrived too.
Poor Jennifer! She was crying and screaming in pain, so was Nora
because Mom had to take her out of the room. We ended up  calling
911! Jennifer was hyperventilating, feeling numb in parts of her body,
and her hands were curling up! They gave Jennifer lots of fluids, once they
 got her in the ambulance. It turns out that she had only 1 pint of water left
in her whole body! The doctor believes she has the start of a bladder infection.
She's really sick. She did get stabilized and rested and she was better,
enough to go home, but Donald should be off work today.

It was really scary! Please pray for Jennifer to not push herself, but to take
it easy and let herself recover. For God to give the doctors wisdom and
discernment. Thankfully, it appears that the baby is okay!

"For we have not a High Priest who
cannot be touched with the feeling
of our infirmities;"
Hebrews 4:15

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Big Number 1!

Friday, the day after my birthday was Nora's 1st birthday! Jennifer
organized a party at the park. We got to see lots of people we
haven't seen in a while.

Baby George 8 months old

Anna Bandy
Little Dale Hansen
Julianne Hansen, Rachel, and Dianna Hansen

Rachel and James   I didn't get any pictures this day of Daniel or Thomas.

Tired little birthday girl with Daddy
"Wanna play with me?"
So cute!
Oooo! Cake!

Is everyone singing to me?
Sarah's here!

Alana and Ella

Having fun with Uncle James

Nora and me

Poor Donald was so sick.

Look who's walking!
"...wait, I say, on the Lord." Psalm 27:14