Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Miracle

Yesterday, we came very close to losing Jennifer! She called in the morning
and didn't sound well. Later in the afternoon, she  called again saying she
was getting sick and needed someone to watch Nora, but we weren't close
enough, so Leona came and Donald was heading home from work. Then
Leona called us and told us to come get Nora because  they were going
to take Jennifer to the E.R. We rushed there as fast as we could. Two
friends were there trying to help, then Aunt Jean arrived too.
Poor Jennifer! She was crying and screaming in pain, so was Nora
because Mom had to take her out of the room. We ended up  calling
911! Jennifer was hyperventilating, feeling numb in parts of her body,
and her hands were curling up! They gave Jennifer lots of fluids, once they
 got her in the ambulance. It turns out that she had only 1 pint of water left
in her whole body! The doctor believes she has the start of a bladder infection.
She's really sick. She did get stabilized and rested and she was better,
enough to go home, but Donald should be off work today.

It was really scary! Please pray for Jennifer to not push herself, but to take
it easy and let herself recover. For God to give the doctors wisdom and
discernment. Thankfully, it appears that the baby is okay!

"For we have not a High Priest who
cannot be touched with the feeling
of our infirmities;"
Hebrews 4:15

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  1. How horrible. My heart and prayers go out to her and her family. I do hope she lets her body recover and then she begins to take of herself while taking care of her family.

    In December 2008 I was aware I have a bladder infection and kept putting off getting to the doctor. It was the holidays and I had shopping to do and I was at the time caretaking my mom at home. My bladder infection progressed into a kidney stone in my left kidney--this was discovered when I was in severe pain and my husband took me to the ER. The next day the hospital, through a prodcedure I was in the operating room for, basically blew up the kidney stone it wwould pass. I went home the next day on bedrest.

    The next day my husband was helping our neighbor hand his Christmas lights, and came in the house to check on me and found me unconscious. he called 911, I was taken to the ER. They could not wake me up, and ran tests and found that I had a kidney stone in my right kidney too and it has developed into Sepsis (Septic Shock). I was already in a coma from it. They airlifted me to a larger hospital in Seattle that could handle this better. I was admitted to the ICU. This was on December 8th, and I woke up from the coma on December 26th.

    I had no memory of anything happening, and stil don't. I couldn't walk. I couldn't feed myself. They were still not sure I wouldn't lose my legs and arms. I stayed in ICU for 2 more weeks and then moved to a private room where I stayed for another month. I learned how to walk aagain, and how to feed myself. Thank God for the physical and occupational therapists for working with me daily, 3x's a day. I was so happy the day they said I could go home.

    It was another 2 weeks, after going home, before I was up to celebrating Christmas and opening presents with my family--they had done nothing on Christmas but come to sit with me in the hospital and pray I would come out of the coma.

    This is what can happen with an untreated bladder infection. Leona has to be careful and take care of herself. I learned my lesson the hard way I so do not want to see this happen to her.

    Please give her my love, and I hope she is recovered soon.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari