Friday, May 4, 2012

"Interesting" Day at the Doctor

Well, this time, Annah had to go to the doctor this morning. I was going to stay home
and work on some projects, but as Mom and Annah started to leave,the sky got
really dark. I was checking the weather when Annah came in and told me to come
with them. I had to pray and trust the Lord to protect Chloe and our house.  The
sky looked really intimidating.

The doctor's office we go to is in the building of Mercy Hospital (formerly known as
St. John's Mercy). Anyway, when Annah and Mom finally came back into the waiting
room after being seen by the doctor, we heard the intercom report several times:
"All departments, code red! On rooftop! Code red, on roof top!"
No alarms went off in the hospital so I wasn't sure what that meant, but code red
 certainly meant something was wrong. As we walked down the hallway from the
clinic, the smoke barrier doors were shut! We came out, we noticed several
emergency officials going to the elevators talking about the rooftop.

Reaching the exit doors, we saw firetrucks, police cars, etc. in the pouring rain.
It was scary. At first, noone could leave the parking lots. They thought the top
of the hospital was struck by lightning! My mind went to people on the top floor
, especially those bedridden! What would they do? After a few minutes, a fire
house official said that they were opening the building again, and we were free
to go, but the firemen didn't leave right away. They looked like they were trying
to figure things out, amongst themselves.

Mom called our neighbor across the street to see if our house was okay. He said
that it was fine. All that happened was a few claps of thunder and some rain!
Praise God. As far as we know, nothing happened to Mercy Hospital, at least
not that we heard of, thankfully! God certainly watched over us and all those
people!  What a day at the doctor's office!

"The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge."
Psalm 46:7


  1. I an behind on blog reading, and so sorry I missed your prayer request for your MRI. I will be praying for the best results. My husband has a biopsy tomorrow and we'd like prayers that this new tumor is the same cancer he already has a not a new form showing up (we already know it is a cancerous tumor as it glowed during the PET scan.)

    Chloe looks adorable, but then she always looks adorable :)

    Question for you, I read on the Maxwell's today about Jesse graduating, which I can't believe as it seems like he should still be the little boy I met when I first me the family. Do you all do home graduation parties with friends and family invited? I very much like the intimacy of the home graduation and party celebration. Your mom too much be such a very special woman for homeschooling you and Annah. What a blessing she is to you both.

    Prayers that you are and Annah are feeling better soon.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  2. Well, we haven't had any close graduations with family or friends for years, but when it happens, yes, we do celebrate it and try to encourage that person.

    I'm much better. I think Annah's fever is finally gone.

    My MRI went well. Lord willing, I'll be posting about the results when we get some more info on them. Thanks for praying.

    Will pray for you too.