Monday, May 29, 2017

"Belle" reprise part 1

One of my personal favorite scenes in the movie. She acts silly as she makes
fun of the very idea of marrying Gaston, yet her mindset on the matter is
dead serious! My favorite lyrics about Gaston in the whole movie.

DOC Some Gave All Part 3

Let's not forget! And it's still going on. Dear Troops, you ARE remembered
and prayed for, and not just today! I hope you know that. Your families and
close friends too! Thank for your service!!! The Kellum Family

DOC Some Gave All Part 2

Monday, May 8, 2017

While I'm Waiting - FIREPROOF Soundtrack

Life is good right now, but I've been thinking too much about how
horrible a fictitious villain character is way too much lately. Need to
fill my mind with good vibes, Scripture, focusing on praiseworthy
things, and this is one of Annah's and my favorite songs. I had
such a blast last week while we were cleaning at one of our accounts,
I was alone downstairs, with my smart phone in my pocket, attached
to my new earbuds, and listening to this song while I pulled trash and mopped.
It was an amazing feeling, especially to think that even in ways like
this I'm trying to serve the Lord, but also that being faithful in the little
things counts more than we think.