Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Branson 2#

One reason I'm so late with this is that I was trying
to go through my brain back to what we did our
second day in Branson. Sorry it took me so long.

Day two. Dad was up and out before I woke up.
Mom told us that he'd gotten up early and was able to
buy the part he needed for the car and was working on it.
I was praying throughout the morning that not only would
Dad get the car fixed, but also that if possible he
would complete the job before 11, which was when he and
I were supposed to visit the Titanic Museum. Annah
fixed my hair nice and we were waiting and hoping. Dad
did fix the car, and sooner than I expected. Thank You,

All aboard the Titanic! The museum was neat! In the introductory
room where a greeter explains things to you before you venture on
 for yourself, hanging from the ceiling above our heads was a life-
to-size replica of one of the ship's three little propellers. Little?
That thing was HUGE, and looked so heavy!! Yikes, to think
what would happen if it dropped from the ceiling! And that
was only a "small" piece to the ship? I was beginning to
realize and imagine the actual enormity of the maximum
size of this great vessel!
They had lots of displays that were good replicas of many
items carried by passengers. The births were interesting
to see in person. Oh, now they have a music room
dedicated to the great musicians and band players
who composed and played beautiful music, and who
bravely played together in their last surviving moments.
There was a room with starry heavens in the night and
practically only the deck where you feel you're outside
on deck enjoying the beauty of the night. But that room
was cold! Not only that, but the music wasn't comforting.
It was mysterious, then there was a very eerie drumroll,
and next: a loud scraping, crashing sound. This is where
the ship hit the iceberg.
One particular display room was scary to me for two reasons.
They had three leaning decks you could walk up on, each
impressing the dangerously rising angle of the ship as the
water crept up the deck to whoever was unfortunate
to be left there, doomed. There is also a bowl of water
set at 20 degrees F, which is what the temperature was
that night. You're supposed to stick you're hand in and
see how long you can keep it in, before the incredible
stabbing, biting cold becomes too much for you. I
lasted about 45 seconds! I could have tried longer,
but my hand was already starting to burn! Dad
managed to keep his in for 1 minute and 45 seconds.
That room was very sobering: to think of the impact
of those moments, to think of all the people who
were not able to escape, how all they could do was
brace themselves and wait and as their impending
doom took over closer and closer: to think of
those who tried to swim in the frigid ocean,
pleading for help, and no one to aid them, to
be swallowed in that icy water struggling for
a few last minutes of futile effort before they
just froze to death!!!! That was horrible.
The room I couldn't wait to reach was the Grand Staircase!
It was gorgeous, and the feel of the wood under my fingers,
along with the sound and shine of the tile under my feet was
exactly as I imagined!
I did buy a few things from the gift shop: a lavender T-shirt,
a White Star Line impressed pen, a Titanic ship ornament
to put on the Christmas tree this year, and a beautiful Royal
Blue jeweled heart key chain.
Oh yes, as "passengers" Dad was a young reverand, from
Ireland was it? Can't remember. I was a married mother
of two young children. My husband and I were taking
them to New York. Sadly, neither Dad or I survived
the ship wreck.
The whole experience was remarkable. Thanks, Dad for
taking me as our belated date for my birthday!
One of those days when you just step back into history.

After we came home, we ate lunch and began our first day
of trekking in Silver Dollar City. It was our very first time
there for Annah and me, so we took a long time browsing
things in shops. One of my favorite rides was the Flooded
Mine. It's not grand or exciting really, but it is a "prison for
the black and white striped cons" and I enjoyed trying to
see how many shots I could accurately get in with my "gun"
for the many interactive props in there. I can't remember
exactly everything we did there that day, but I can maybe
remember more about the next day there. To be continued...