Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 for the Kellums #2

The morning of the Johnson boys' baptisms, we were wakened from sleep
by a phone call from Aunt Jean at 5 A.M. that a tornado was heading our direction!
We don't have a basement, so we gathered some items, ourselves, Chloe, and headed
to Aunt Jean's house.  I got in the car with Chloe, the sirens blared. After we'd been at
Aunt Jean's house not very long, the storm ceased. So we came back home and went back
to bed.


4th of July

Playing outdoors  at the Klein's home

Singing in the summer sun
Volleyball at the Hunt's

Wilkersons visiting. Taking a walk around our block
Playing Dutch Blitz

One of Annah's sewing projects

The wedding of Joseph Raby and Mary Ritter

Dad helping in the kitchen

Tabitha Ritter
Esther Ritter


Rachel Wilkerson
Daniel Wilkerson

Wilkersons come over to make homemade ice cream!

The boys and me taking Chloe for a walk


James turns 13!

Apples to Apples
Baby Nora growing
Birthday party for Dad and Josh Klein

Joanna made Josh his penguin

Baby shower for Leona James Windle
Mom sharing
Sharon Wilkerson sharing
Jeanie Keating sharing

Blanket Annah made for Baby George!

Maxwell Conference at the Family Vision Library

Nathan and Melanie Maxwell show up!

Sarah, Abby, Anna, and Mary Maxwell
Melanie and Bethany Maxwell
Abby's Aunt Anna
Chapel Picnic

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I don't think I put all of these in date order. Sorry.

I forgot to post George's birth which was in early September.

George in NICU

Abi Klein's birthday party at our house

These pics are courtesy of Abi Klein.

Jeremy watching George struggle for survival.

to be continued...