Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 for the Kellums

It's almost midnight! Last year was a year of celebrations. This year has
definitely been one of growth! The things I mentioned on Thanksgiving
aren't even an eighth of all the wonderful blessings I have to be thankful 
for! The Lord has brought new people in our lives this year, new blessings,
new insights, new hopes and dreams, I could go on. Here are some pictures 
of some things in our lives from this year.


Sledding at the Dreste Family's Home

Joanna Klein
Noah and Sammy
Sledding down their big hill
Bekah and me
The very first copies of Dad's book arrived!

Daniel Wilkerson turns 14
Mr. Wilkerson does the ''Obin" puppet at the birthday party.
Rachel Wilkerson sledding at the Hunts' home
Thomas in the loft
Valentine's Dat Cake Walk at the Family Vision Library
Sarah and Ella Wilson
Abigail Coates
For Valentine's Day, Jeremy and Leona Windle  announced
to us in the pretty card that they were expecting their first baby!

Girls playing dress up
Wissmann family concert in Mexico, Missouri

Alana and Aunt Rachel
Ella and Uncle Thomas
Girls' walk in Klein's neighborhood


Titus2 ladies' meetings
Believers' Conference

Mom's birthday
Baby shower for Eliza Hunt Schucknecht
Birthday party for Mom and Donald
John, Audra, and Avery Notgrass at the Homeschoolers' Expo
Baby shower for Jennifer James

Spring is here!

Advanced art class in Indiana taught by Barry Stebbing
 On our trip, at the hotel Mom tripped on the sidewalk and fell head
first in some bushes. Her face was badly scraped and her hip
was bruised and giving her lots of pain. Thankfully, no bones
broken and within a month or so, she was healed so well!

Oh, yes, this is also when those massive tornadoes came through
St. Louis isn't it? We still see storm damage sometimes, but
God was so merciful in all the lives He spared!

Samantha turns 10!
Playing at the Wilkerson's

Spring recital at the Family Vision Library. Alana singing 1 Corinthians 13

My 20th birthday
Nora Marie James is born the day after my birthday!
Samantha and Mommy
Nora and Daddy Donald
About this time, Jeremy and Leona are discouraged
and depressed by all the ultrasounds they've been 
having because the doctors say that Baby George 
has all these health problems and probably won't
live long, if he even makes it to birth! They choose
to let George live, and we pray!

Family Camp Memorial Day at Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp


Steve & Jean Harris' 25th anniversary

2nd Annual Ladies' Tea Party

Diana and Julianne reciting during the devotional
Craft time!
Eddie Coad's 1st CHEF Conference

Johnson boys' baptisms

to be continued...

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