Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

It's a few days late, but I have quite a bit of pictures to post. Christmas Eve,
Dad and Mom did  a little bit of last-minute Christmas shopping while Annah
and I straightened up the house (it was so nice to have a clean house-for the most
part-on Christmas Day). That evening we did something we haven't done for years:
Dad took us for a drive to look at Christmas lights, and we took Chloe with us! It was
nice to see all the different varieties, especially in the neighborhood with the big fancy houses,
though the smaller homes did just as well!  Mom had put a turkey in the oven to cook
while we were out, so I could smell it when we got back home! 

Oh, yes! Friday night, we went to Scott and Tatum's for their Christmas party. We had a great
time with Rachel and Amanda. 

Christmas morning, Mom and Annah didn't get up early enough to make Mom's delicious
breakfast quiche, so we grabbed something on the way to church. We only had a breaking 
of bread service at church on Christmas day, but it was beautiful; singing, remembering Jesus,
His birth, His courageous act of love, and so many other things. We spent the rest of the day at home,
exchanging gifts and relaxing together. We had such a blessed Christmas together this year! 
We saw how God blessed our shopping, we sent Christmas cards to several people we know, 
but thinking about Him and what was truly amazing about His birth was neat! 

Monday evening we spent exchanging gifts at Aunt Jean's house. Jeremy missed several turns
because he was putting George to bed, and after several rounds, Leona went into George's room
to get Jeremy. She came back out crying. She said that it had just dawned on Jeremy that this
was George's very first Christmas, and according to the doctors and ultrasounds before he
was born, George isn't even supposed to be here with us! That was a tender moment. 

Well, here's pictures.

Cake for Tatum's Christmas party
Nora was  absolutely adorable in this pink outfit!
Jeremy and George
Amanda and Nora
Our Uncle Don (Mom's oldest brother) who had esophagus cancer this year.
Christmas Eve

Looking at lights

Christmas Day

Chloe is possessive of her stocking!
Ah! A new toy!
Time to open presents!

I want to see! I want to see too!

Aunt Jean's party

George's First Christmas
Nora's First Christmas also

George, Uncle Donald, and Mommy

Barkley begging


Barkley became anxious, and started digging his nose into the gifts!


Mom and Annah

Maple Nut Goodies: one of Dad's favorites!
Nora and Daddy
Barkley, all tired out!
Nora can roll over now, and she did it while noone was watching!
When we were done, Annah played Christmas carols on her violin.

Samantha sang with Annah a couple times.

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  1. Merry Christmas!

    It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas celebration with your family. It is a blessing to create such beautiful memories to carry with you through the years.

    I so enjoy that you include Chloe and Barkley in your family pictures. We include our doggies too, Bear, Lucy, and Harley and most often refer to them as our "fur children". Your Chloe looks exactly like our Bear, except our Bear is 120 lbs--he's a big lap dog, so it's a good think my husband is 6'6 so he has a lap big enough to hold Bear! I don't think I have pictures on my blog, but I will add some so you can see.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari