Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December greetings!

Hello! Well, December is already here! That's exciting but hard to believe.
Today we had our first snow! It wasn't a lot, but it was snow! Saturday, we
had a small Christmas music recital at our house for Annah's piano students
and Donald and Jennifer brought a little girl neighbor of theirs who had 
come over last week when Samantha had her piano lesson. We hope she
comes over more. 

Friday night was Christmas Coffee House Night at the Family Vision Library: 
always a special coffee house night! And they had a special unveiling of a 
wonderful addition to the library! Miss you, John, Audra, and Avery!

Sunday night, our church group had a Christmas banquet at Yacovelli's. It
was our first time going there. It was a blessed evening. The guest speaker
who had preached at church in the morning, gave the Gospel. 

Mom has already taken us Christmas shopping two days in a row, which we've really
enjoyed! Dad took us Sunday night, we found some really nice Christmas cards!

So here's some pictures!

The beautiful addition!
Matt and Bethany Coad beautifully sang  some Christmas songs.
Mr. Buchannon (on the mandolin) and his partner added a nice, Bluegrass touch to the evening!
Jennifer came with the girls!
Nora likes music!
Nora enjoyed chewing on her pretty shoes.

Gluten free brownies and cookies for our recital

Brownies with peppermint pieces
Our Nativity scene won't fit under our Christmas tree!
Who Christmas is all about!
Annah's 3 students, Abby Kohler, Emma Kohler,  Samantha Feldmann, and Samantha's neighbor
Dad opened up with prayer.
Annah played several songs on the piano. And we just got our piano tuned!
Annah played a beautiful version of O Holy Night, plus some others.
Abby Kohler
Donald didn't leave for work until Samantha had played all her songs.
Emma Kohler
Nora enjoyed it!
In the end, we sang selected Christmas carols
Leona and George, Aunt Jean and Nora  It's fun to m,ake Nora laugh.
Nora and me  Annah did my hair.
Dad and Nora
Samantha and Nora in their beautiful matching outfits Annah made for them!
Beautiful banquet tables at Yacovelli's Cafe'
Programme and menu
Name cards for everyone!

Mr. John Hedrick opened up.
Mr. Charles Grey led the singing.
Dinner starts with salad.
Cooked carrots or green beans with mashed potatoes and your choice of baked chicken or roast beef!

Red velvet cake with an Oreo cookie for dessert!
Special music
Mr. Craig Rolinger gave the Gospel.
Me, Dad, Mom, and Annah

Christmas is coming: so exciting!  

Please continue to pray for the Wilkerson family, as they are going through a 
season of very hard times and has gotten discouraging. They have been treated very
 harshly lately by some people, and the children are also suffering from it. 

"God sent His only begotten Son into the world, 
that we might live through Him." 1 John 4:9

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  1. Your Christmas is beginning bright! What wonderful events you have shared so far--looks like a lot of fun.

    My youngest son has 2 piano students and they do their holiday recital with a group of other piano teachers. He graduated from WSU as a music major and loves to play the piano--he bout himself a new grand piano this year. He is a cruise ship captain for work, but music is his passion. I love when he has the opportunity to play in church.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari
    (I thought I should use the same signature on your comments I use on the Mawell's comments--they are our common denominator)