Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy birthday!

2 days late, but it has finally been Rachel Wilkerson's 12th birthday! I can't 
believe this little girl is growing into a young woman!! She's always been a 
little girl to us but she is definitely growing! 

Getting ready to sled!
Annah and Rachel
Playing piano
Playing dress up with friends
Alana Wilson and Aunt Rachel
Dancing again

Playing with the boys
Spring recital   Ella Wilson and Aunt Rachel
Annual Ladies' Tea Party

Making ice cream at our house
Playing Kickball


Dear Rachel,
We love you so much!  Happy birthday! In our hearts, you're our little sister and 
you've been such a blessing to us! There's many other people who know you that
love you very much! The Lord has great plans for you! Happy birthday again!
Love, The Kellums  Jerry, Mary, Rebecca, & Annah

"The King's daughter is all glorious within," 
Psalm 45:13

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