Friday, August 30, 2013

Heading Out

Well, this evening Lord willing we'll be leaving to go to
Turkey Hill Ranch Bible Camp for the weekend. We're
definitely going to miss our friends who can't make it, but we
are hoping for an enjoyable, refreshing time of fellowship
down there and being fed from the Word. Please pray for
our safe travels, and peace in getting ready (that is always a
mandatory need for prayer), and that the weather won't be
too hot. Jeremy and Leona are supposed to watch Chloe
for us. I hope she's good for them. When they watched her
when Dad was in the hospital Leona said she was so much fun.

Well, I need to get off of here and get busy! I'm planning to try
and take lots of pictures to share with you! But you probably
won't see them until Monday evening or even Tuesday.

So, everyone have a safe, fun, refreshing weekend.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Praise Report

George is home already and doing well! Thank you everyone for your prayers!
His surgery went swiftly and perfectly. Of course the poor little guy's throat is
very sore, but at night his sleep breathing is so good. No snorting, no snoring,
he sounds like a normal sleeping baby! After the surgery he slept alot and
he devoured his bottle when Leona gave it to him which is great. Praise God.
He got to come home yesterday. He was only in the hospital for 24 hours,
and it could've been a couple days. The doctors were very kind and helpful.
They were able to get his tonsils and adenoids out. A wonderful report.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Lord willing , this coming Thursday, Baby George will being have surgery
to remove his tonsils and adenoids. He might need a trachea. The doctor
said his mouth is so small, so there is some risk. He's supposed to be in
ICU after as he recovers. But it means staying in the hospital again, something
Jeremy and Leona don't enjoy. They're praying, but they're worried. We're
all hoping George will be fine, but it's scary.
George is having this surgery because his tonsils are large and it's hard for him
to breathe through his nose or mouth when he sleeps at night.
 Please pray.


Friday, August 16, 2013


Here's  a few pictures that are late. pictures of sweet little George and pretty
little Caroline at their friend, Henry Notgrass' birthday party...and a
couple pictures from Dad's birthday which was 1 week ago.

Dad's cake

I didn't get a lot of pictures from Dad's birthday because the camera battery was low
so I had to use it sparingly. 

Happy Belated Birthday, Dad! We love you very much. I'm so thankful you're still
here with us! I'm glad you've been able to go back to work too.
I hope you were blessed for your birthday. Love you!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Henry's Birthday Party

I know this blog has been quiet, we've been busy but
I've also got to download some other pictures.

Anyway, August 3rd was Henry Notgrass' 1st birthday party! Thank
You, Lord for bringing him to it! We had the honor and privilege of
making his birthday cake! We were happy to do it for him!

We arrived early with the cake at the Family Vision Library, but
the lights were off throughout the facility due to some problem
that I don't remember. They were still off when John and Audra
arrived. Of course the party was still going to be, but we had to wait and
pray for the lights to come back on before it started... and they did!

Henry was sweet and so outgoing and enjoyed the party. I thought the pinata
was a fun idea, especially for the other young children who came.

Thank you, John and Audra for inviting us and for asking us to do Henry's cake.

God bless you and may Henry grow to be a strong, Godly man for Christ!

Annah and Henry
Cute, festive poster

I had more pictures but I didn't upload them. Sorry.

Jeremy and John
Mom, Leona, and George
Sweet, pretty  little Caroline
Caroline and Daddy
Happy Notgrass Family
After everyone sang,"Happy Birthday" to him, 
when they all cheered and clapped while 
John blew out the candle, Henry clapped too.

Henry's birthday cake-sock monkey theme.
John, Audra, and the birthday boy!