Friday, August 16, 2013


Here's  a few pictures that are late. pictures of sweet little George and pretty
little Caroline at their friend, Henry Notgrass' birthday party...and a
couple pictures from Dad's birthday which was 1 week ago.

Dad's cake

I didn't get a lot of pictures from Dad's birthday because the camera battery was low
so I had to use it sparingly. 

Happy Belated Birthday, Dad! We love you very much. I'm so thankful you're still
here with us! I'm glad you've been able to go back to work too.
I hope you were blessed for your birthday. Love you!


  1. What a nice cake.
    My daughter makes cake pops as a hobby. She and her brother made little book cakes with a silicone brownie pan for individual ones for his work potluck at the library he works at. They used candy melts for the decorations.
    When they had graduation at the preschool she teaches at she made pops with mortar boards that said 2013 on them. Two weeks ago for their bake sale to benefit kids with cancer she made despicable me minion cupcakes with twinkies. They sold out so fast.

  2. Funny, your dad looks a little older than just 4! LOL. Your mom looks pretty (has she lost some weight or is it her new hair style -- something...).

  3. Yes, she has lost weight. It might also be her hairstyle.