Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sue Thomas FBEye-The Showoff

Here's a clip from Sue Thomas FBEye episode, "The Girl Who Signed Wolf".
Nora Albright, a promising best-selling authoress has chosen Myles of all people,
to be the role agent model for her new novel regarding the FBI! But when Myles hears
about it, even from his supervisor, he thinks his coworkers are just cooking up
another brilliant prank on him-this takes place after the media liaison joke they
pulled-, so when it's time to meet Nora Albright in person, Myles decides to
redeem himself...with hilarious results! Enjoy!

Future Love Brought Back

As I look forward to Toy Story4-which has been delayed
again!-and try to come up with the content for a future
fanfic, "If You Keep On Believing", here are a few
drawings I've done of Woody and Bo Peep's reunion.


Childhood Treasure

 Last month Annah and I were browsing through
the books in a resale shop when I spotted this! I
was so excited when I saw it that I my heart
jumped. I gasped and startled Annah.

I used to read these books over and over from the library
when I was a kid and it only grew in my teenage years.
I look for them every time I go to a resale shop but
it's rare to find them. So far, I have the one that comes
before this one, and now this little gem!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hopefully a Change!

The main reason in the lack of blog posts is because
when I post something, I like to give detailed stories
and explanations. I'm a very detailed person. But I guess
I don't have to, huh? Okay!