Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Good B-day!

Hi. I had a very enjoyable birthday! Though I
enjoy the fellowship of friends, we didn't really
have people over this time. On my birthday,
we went shopping to a few places, including
Barnes and Noble, to which I've never been
but have been wanting to check out. I
looked up Dr. Lesslie's book, Angels and
Heroes, and found that they had it. I've been
trying to get that book for two years! Anyway,
I looked throughout almost the whole store,
in the categories I thought it should be, and not
finding it. I was thinking, "Lord, please! It's
got to be here somewhere. Where is it?" I
decided to check the Bargain Shelves, finding
nothing. Glanced at one of the last ones, and
there it was! And, it was half the price I normally
would've paid for the book! I look around a little
more and find a very thick Sherlock Holmes
compilation books for the same price! What's
neat about the SH book I found was it includes
the original four novels, plus The Return of Sherlock
Holmes, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes! So, good deals!
Plus, I got a couple of bookmarks, one Keep Calm and
Pray, and a Toy Story3 one.

Mom took us to V-Stock too. Then she took me to DressBarn
and we got a couple really pretty shirts. And we met Dad at
Cracker Barrel for dinner. Later at home, we watched a few
of my favorite shows. I had a blessed birthday and God
showed me some good deals.

Oh, yes. Annah also got me some Disney live-action
Cinderella stickers, but even better than that, she
got me the Cinderella soundtrack!!

Neat gift bag I got a while back. Annah really surprised me with it using it for my gift!
I didn't buy this one, but I liked the cover.
Yes!! At last! Now I have all of his books in the series!
I liked this sign. And yes, thank you to all you veterans and
current troops who are fighting for freedom. And thank You
to Jesus for going to the cross.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Books, Books, Books!

I love to read. I love to write. Here, I wanted to share with you
pictures of some of my collection, plus some of my favorite

These little dears are on my bookshelf.
I found this at V-Stock. It's based on radio play
scripts voiced by Basil Rathbone and Nigel
Bruce, my favorite Holmes and Watson duo.
After reading this book and listening to other
uploaded ones on YouTube, it makes me
really wish they'd movies of some of them!
This is a great book for dog lovers. It tells true accounts of
dogs and how they've rescued people literally and figuratively.
It explains how God uses dogs to minister to people, and are
reflections in many different ways of how God directs His care
for us to us.
One of the best books I've ever read. It also has more plot
details that may not make sense in the movie, but they will
once you read the book.
This one is wonderful. I haven't read it all the way through yet,
because I want to get the full depth every time I read a chapter.
Ooo, yeah!! Only one more to add to it, then I'll have them all!
This is so one of my top favorite book series. They inspire, encourage,
and at times convict, but most of all, they encourage me! And I
feel like the characters are part of my life. Best thing about these
stories, they're all true! God bless you, Dr. Lesslie, and keep
serving Him.
My top 3 favorites.
This one had some great stories.
The best one yet! I got it for Christmas of 2014,
and this one was thrilling. Dr. Lesslie doesn't
just talk  about the physical side of the ER, he
talks about the people he works with, the people
who have passed through their lives, and the many
different and at times overlooked ways God has
used them in each other's lives.

December '15 in Pictures

Okay, so finally some pics from December. Maybe not
as many as you'd like, but some we're so I don't post
images of our foster kids on here.

Last year we got a new, smaller tree...for free again!
But hey, it still turned out pretty and took much less
prep time!
Our first Frozen cake for Adalynn's birthday.
Sofia's 1st birthday!
Our first Minnie Mouse cake
Police officer singing "O Holy Night" at a foster family
Christmas Party.
Yes, I need to do a blogpost about this-Jean Harris's memorial service.
We bought this sweater for Chloe. Isn't it sweet?
Dad surprised all of us by pre-ordering War Room!
Yes, new CD player!
This was our special gift to Mom and Dad: a It's a Wonderful
Life Hallmark ornament! I was thrilled in August when I
found it and couldn't wait to tell Annah about it. That is one
of our family movies, has been for years.
Off to the park.
A new mug to add to my Woody collection. The hat has
batteries and plays a small lyric from "You've Got a
Friend in Me"!
Lovely snow.