Monday, May 16, 2016

December '15 in Pictures

Okay, so finally some pics from December. Maybe not
as many as you'd like, but some we're so I don't post
images of our foster kids on here.

Last year we got a new, smaller tree...for free again!
But hey, it still turned out pretty and took much less
prep time!
Our first Frozen cake for Adalynn's birthday.
Sofia's 1st birthday!
Our first Minnie Mouse cake
Police officer singing "O Holy Night" at a foster family
Christmas Party.
Yes, I need to do a blogpost about this-Jean Harris's memorial service.
We bought this sweater for Chloe. Isn't it sweet?
Dad surprised all of us by pre-ordering War Room!
Yes, new CD player!
This was our special gift to Mom and Dad: a It's a Wonderful
Life Hallmark ornament! I was thrilled in August when I
found it and couldn't wait to tell Annah about it. That is one
of our family movies, has been for years.
Off to the park.
A new mug to add to my Woody collection. The hat has
batteries and plays a small lyric from "You've Got a
Friend in Me"!
Lovely snow.

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