Monday, November 16, 2015

Me Again!

Okay, I've been uploading some photos to post
and thinking about what I was going to say. I can't believe it's
November already and am looking forward to the upcoming
holiday seasons!

I saw this at TJ Maxx. I agree.

That is so me. I do so enjoy reading.
My thoughts exactly! Something I've been trying to point out for the passed few years.

I found this and couldn't help smiling.
The above picture is a reflection of what I've been doing a lot of this year,
reading (and or writing, or watching things), especially into late hours of the
night. I used to rise very early in the morning and would read and read.
Now I stay up and read, or should I say most of the time lately typing out
my stories for Fanfiction, editing them, removing or adding content, and
trying to come up with ideas.
Just yesterday, we received an enormous, amazing answer to some
specific prayers! I won't share right now what that is, but to see how
God orchestrated it and worked things out is just...absolutely amazing!
Just a collage I made of the beloved sheriff and his lovely shepherdess. Who on here has heard what Toy Story4 is going to be about? I have!
Dad and I recently went to the shooting range. First time I've shot a gun since I was fifteen.


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