Monday, November 16, 2015

Toy Story Quotes-Some of Our Personal Favorites

Yes, it's true! This coming Sunday marks 20 years since
Toy Story was released! Wow. Hard to believe. I think I
was 5 when we saw it the first time at a birthday party.
The first time I saw it, I immediately liked Slinky...
because he's a dog. But then I liked how loyal he was.
And a little after that, and ever since Woody has been
my number 1 favorite!
I was so excited when I was 8 and Toy Story2 came out! For years,
Annah and I always liked to watch it the day before leaving for
Dayspring Bible Camp or any kind of vacation we've had.

Many of us can quote the movie easy, but who has the ones that
have become their catcha phrase or it seems like just the right moment
to say something from the movie, because the line seems like it applies,
mostly to add humor to the situation? Here are some of our family
favorite ones.

Woody: Be happy!

From the first time she saw the movie, this has been Mom's all time favorite
line! She likes it every time. Slinky wants to play Checkers but Woody
says that he needs a job done first, and Slinky gets glum. Then Woody says
in a humorously firm voice: "Be happy!" Then Slinky throws back his head
laughing and trots away to perform his duty.
Woody: "It's not a laser. It's a little light bulb that blinks."

Mom likes this one too, and it is funny. Woody is already getting impatient and
flustered with the new, cool Space Ranger toy who thinks he's a real Space Ranger.
Plus, the other toys aren't just fascinated with the newcomer, but they seem to be
encouraging him in his blissful ignorance. Woody stands alone as he tries over and
over and over again to convince Buzz of the truth.

Buzz:"I just want you to know that although you tried to terminate me, revenge is not an idea we promote on my planet."

I like this one. Logical Buzz, still oblivious that he is really a toy, stays calm
and says this to Woody after the cowboy tried to sabotage him. Buzz is so nonchalant
here, and at first Woody thinks he's in the clear...until Buzz goes on to say as
he gets nose to nose with Woody, "But we're not on my planet. Are we?"
"No," Woody says shakily. Then...WHAM!!!

I honestly think this is everybody's favorite line in the whole movie! LOL!
Okay, Woody, I don't think you're making much headway: just look at the
confusion and bewilderment in Buzz's face! After the two are accidentally
left behind at the gas station-due to a physically heated difference of opinion-,
Buzz reprimands Woody for interfering with his role as a member of Star
Command to defend the galaxy. Woody, all his frustration, impatience,
raw nerves, wits' end, end of the line, all his built up emotions-which
have been piling up more and more for who knows how long-burst out-
no, blurt out-in this line that he has been trying and trying and trying to
get through to Buzz since Andy's birthday party! And it still doesn't
sink in! Buzz's response is too funny. The level headed, straight to
the point, fearless Space Ranger simply states, "You are a sad, strange
little man. And you have my pity." LOL! These guys are too much.
Shark: "Look, I'm Woody. Howdy, howdy, howdy."

Woody: "Aha, aha...give me that!"


Another one of Mom's favorites. If you were a toy who lived in Andy's room,
one lesson you'll learn or should learn quickly: do not take Woody's hat without

Buzz: "Don't you get it? You see the hat?"

"I am Mrs. Nesbit!!"
Okay, as previously mentioned, I think the "You are a toy" is everyone's
favorite Woody line in the movie. But none of the other lines from Buzz
top this one! Through an unplanned stumbling block, Buzz has learned
the sad truth that he is not the only Buzz Lightyear that exists because he
is indeed, after all...a toy. So when the girl next door accidentally finds
him and dresses him up during playtime, poor awakened but depressed
Buzz goes loopy and forces himself to enjoy what the child has made him
out to be. Woody is flabbergasted to find the Space Ranger in such a state,
unaware that Buzz has come face to face with the truth, but still tries to
bring him back to his senses. Just look at his face in the second picture.
Woody rolls his eyes, probably thinking, Okay? What happened now? I
don't know what kind of new state of delusion he's lasped into, but this is
crazier than before! Wait...I don't have time for this..."Snap out of it,
"Buzz, would you get up here and give me a hand?"

"Ha, ha, ha. That's very funny, Buzz."
"This is serious!!"
It is so hilarious when because right now he cares less what happens to himself,
hearing the cowboy's request, Buzz tosses his broken arm at Woody. A little dry
but very serious humor!

Woody: "Wait a minute. I just lit a rocket."

"Rockets explode!!"


At last, the friendship is sealed, and it will persevere for generations!
"And as the years go by,
Our friendship will never die. You're gonna see it's our destiny,
You've got a friend in me, Yeah you've got a friend in me;
You've got a friend in me."
-Randy Newman

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  1. One of my favorite rides at Disneyland's California Adventure is the Toy Story one. You get to shoot the bad guys with laser guns and save the toys. We are all excited here for the new X-Files and of course Star Wars. I first saw Star Wars in 1977 and have been a fan ever since. I don't count the 3 prequels because they were dumb. I love the interplay between Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa. I have always like Harrison Ford as an actor. When he crashed his plane at the golf course in Venice (where my cousin plays every week), every news station in town had their choppers over it. Keep writing and drawing, you've got a real talent there.