Monday, November 23, 2015

Fanfiction: The Flying Princess

Hi, everyone. I thought I'd share some of my sketches of my
Toy Story Fanfiction stories. My first one was entitled
The Flying Princess, time setting is right after Toy Story
and before Toy Story2. The princess is a character I
came up with, a small princess doll named Mitsy.
Andy's mom comes home from Goodwill where she
bought a new doll for Molly who is still a baby of course.
The doll sneaks into Andy's room, exploring her new surroundings
and climbs up to the night stand beside the bed where she can
see all his toys doing their own things.

Woody and Slinky are currently playing a game of Checkers, and the
springy dog just jumped two of Woody's pieces. During a scuffle, near
the bed, the nightstand is bumped and the princess is sent flying through
the air.
She crashes into the game, sending the pieces in all directions and slides
across the floor. She looks up to find herself surrounded by Andy's toys.
Totally embarrassed, she scurries away from the group and hides behind Andy's
toy box, where Slinky finds her and warmly greets her, slowly melting away
Mitsy's nervousness.
Woody and Buzz tell the other toys to go about their business while they try to
welcome their nervous, shy newcomer. she gradually starts warming up to them and
they give her a tour of their favorite domain.
Mitsy is friendly and cheerful, but she keeps making odd hand gestures as she talks,
which puzzles the other toys. She tells them later that it's American Sign Language.
Mitsy applaudes as Buzz does an impressive move on the race car track, out doing Woody.
Being a dog lover, Princess Mitsy likes Buster...
"'Oh, how sweet!' Mitsy gushed.
'Sweet?' Potato Head interjected. 'He's a menace.'
'He's adorable!' Mitsy exclaimed.
'Whoa now! Hey,' Woody said, 'We don't call a sheriff's right hand dog
sweet and adorable!'
'Well, I do.'"
Not all my fanfics are centered on Princess Mitsy, at least I try not to
make them that way. I have some others to share. The next picture is
from my second story, Mitsy's Story, which explains where she came
from, how she learned Sign Language, her former life, and how
she ended up at Goodwill.
Just so you know, her story does have sad parts, but if you read about it,
I think you'll agree that Jessie the cowgirl's is still sadder!

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