Monday, December 14, 2015


I have Christmas décor pictures to work on
before I post them, but don't worry, I have a
few blog posts pending. I thought I'd share a few
pictures of a few drawings I've done over time.
But I've done many, many more than just these.
I enjoy drawing a lot, and I'm so thankful that God
gave me the gift for it!

Roses are my number one favorite flower, though drawing nature is not my favorite.

Helen Keller, I drew this from an aged photo from one her biographies.

This is from the World Famous Lippazaner Stallions. If you've never seen them perform, you're missing a great show.

1 comment:

  1. Loved the Lippananzer stallions. My mom and stepdad saw them in Vienna. They have quite a history and Austrians are proud of their horses. Check them out!. I envy your art ability. I can draw a straight line and that's about it. God gives each of us each talent to our need. Wishes for a wonderful holiday and God's blessings. We'll be on our way to Las Vegas for our 30th wedding anniversary this weekend, get home, and our daughter comes home from Chicago for Christmas. That will be better than any gift under the tree for me.