Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby Shower for Liesl

Last Saturday we attended a baby shower for Jennifer's
good friend, Liesl. Throughout their married life, Liesl
and her husband have tried very hard to have children,
without much success and looks as if this is the only
baby they'll ever have. Jennifer really wanted to
support Liesl and encourage her, and she had us
make the cake. We were happy to do it and
Liesl's expecting a baby girl, which made the
shower even more fun and exciting.

Annah put eyelet dots on the cake.

Liesl likes petit fours, and Jennifer helped us make them as a surprise for Liesl!
Nora was so cute toddling around in her white dress.

Samantha was in charge of the necklaces for the necklace game.
Time for games, time to think!
Samantha and Liesl
Mom and Nora

Time for gifts

I took this picture from upstairs, and Nora was staring up there.
When I came down and into the living room she kept 
looking back at me and then at the stairs, trying to figure out
what happened! It was cute.

Someone's getting sleepy.

Good friends- Liesl is due anytime  and Jennifer is due in December!
"The fruit of the womb is His reward," Psalm 127:3

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