Monday, June 4, 2012

Avery John Notgrass

Some of these pictures I downloaded from John and
Audra's website, some Audra sent us, some I think
she would've, some I took.

Audra's 1st baby shower October 2010

Excited mom-to-be   

Cousins Eddie and Avery on the way!

Avery & Mommy
Meeting Avery at the Homeschool Expo 2011

October 2011

Avery and Uncle Luke

At this time Audra was pregnant with little Glory Dawn.

Avery was smiling at Daddy.
After I took the above picture, I gave Audra one more hug 
good-bye, and as I did, Avery gave me a little kiss on the face!

February 2012  Sharon Wilkerson watching Avery and Eddie.

At home
In Texas
Playing with Mommy
Recent trip to California

Audra, John, Avery, Eddie, Matt, & Bethany
Last week at the hospital for a mouth infection
Pray as much and as hard as you can for John and Audra. This is so
devastating to them and Audra is 8 months pregnant with another baby
boy! She is deeply depressed. We heard yesterday that Avery died 
in her arms! I hope they will be able to move forward with their 
lives. We've seen John in past hard times try to be strong and
cheer up his wife, but this...just so hard, so, so painful.

We love you, John and Audra. We loved Avery. He was a delight.
We hope that through time God will heal your wounded,
hurting hearts. Please cling to Him with all the strength
you have left! 

"Well, I know a mansion's waiting
On the hillside up above,
And I long to see my Jesus' face
To worship Him in love.
So this time when I bid you farewell,
It won't be quite the same
But no good-bye can last forever
When we're one in Jesus' Name!

And I will see you soon,
Oh, it really won't be long!
Before you and I together
Will lift praises to His throne!
Before we walk the streets of gold,
With your hands closed in mine;
Oh, stay faithful to the Savior
For it really won't be long!"
It Won't Be Long -Rachel Wissmann

"...O Lord, and give ear to my cry; do not be 
silent at my tears;"
Psalm 39:12


  1. Oh, we are praying for them. Although we had never met Avery, we have known Audra for years. And we can hardly imagine how hard it would be to lose such a sweet child, or any child. We are praying especially for Audra, and for Henry's safe arrival.

  2. like my sister said I think of Audra daily and am praying the Lord will bless them with a healthy baby,

  3. I'm so so sorry. May Jesus comfort and bless them. I know it is so devastating. I really can't imagine the severe pain of their hearts.
    I know it is something only Jesus our Lord can truly heal.
    Sending the Lord Jesus' Love and Grace.

  4. My heart is aching for their family. I have been lucky enough to not know their pain on a more personal level but the Lord has also seen fit to give me hyper sympathy for people in pain. I just said a prayer for their family and will continue to do so. What a gift Avery was. Please Lord pour your protection, peace and love over this sweet family.

  5. Lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I am so sorry. Praying for them.

    God bless you.

  7. I'm terribly sorry for their loss.

  8. A fundraiser project has been started to help John and Audra with medical and funeral expenses if you were not already aware:

  9. An abdominal infection which affects the immune system of young children is very life threatening. What would be a normal cold for us will turn life threatening. I am sure that the doctor's and nurses at the Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt used every one of their God given skills in medicine and nursing to try to save young Avery. God had a different purpose and now Avery resides in heaven. We must give thanks for the hardworking medical staff who worked with Avery and tried to save him.

    1. I am very thankful for doctors. A while back we were giving thanks to God for what He has done for baby George, that the doctors had given up on him, and was trying to push Jeremy and Leona to abort! There are doctors who care, there are also bums who don't care about anything except their paycheck. If I have offended anyone, I am sorry you were offended, I am not sorry for what I have said! I have almost died more times than one, from my infancy on up. I am thankful to God that He still has a purpose for me, or I wouldn't be here. No thanks for the doctors who were going to let me die in 1986, because I didn't have insurance. Am I biased? yes to a certain extent.
      The Lord uses doctors also, but as it is written: " It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement. " Heb 9:27
      Jerry W Kellum