Saturday, May 3, 2014

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye #5 Diplomatic Immunity

Even more than The Pilot, Diplomatic Immunity is my
top favorite episode on the show of Sue Thomas F.B.Eye!
This one is very true to life, but I really like this one
because it shows how sometimes standing up for what's
right holds a very heavy cost, and how instead of
doing much good, it seems as if it only brings more
and more trouble, and knowing what needs to be done
but with what seems no light at the end of the tunnel.
At this point it seems as if all the circumstances in the
world are against you, instead of being in your favor,
but in the end of this episode, it shows that even in this
world, in the end, the truth will pay off!

Bobby sees a man attacking a woman on the street and pounces
on him. The woman is critically injured but an ambulance shows
up before Sue can even call them for help. But they are forced not
to arrest the man because he has diplomatic immunity. He is a
Sudanese ambassador, MuTambu, who doesn't regret his violent,
heartless action and demands a public apology from Bobby for
his rough misconduct! The team is appalled at the nerve of this
guy and start investigating him. It turns out that MuTambu is
involved in Sudanese trading bringing shipments to the US,
but no one knows what the cargo is.
Though Bobby's job is already at risk, he and Jack sneak
in the shipping yard and inspect the container, where they
find signs of evil they wish they didn't know about. MuTambu
is a slave trader.

Levi cheers Bobby up after a hard day.

The 911 call came from his secretary who knows what kind of 
person he is, but she's afraid. The injured woman was trying to buy her sister
from MuTambu.

Jack and Sue visit and question the injured woman in the hospital.

Sue promises the woman that they will find her sister.

MuTambu thinks nobody can stop him, but Bobby has been giving their clues to
Darcy (Polly Shannen) who uses her newspaper to expose the horror of this crime.
When Darcy's job is put in danger, Bobby speaks up for her which only makes things
worse for him.

Jack, Sue, and the rest of the team don't care how powerful MuTambu thinks he is
and they aren't going to  let possible consequences stop them. When that next
Sudanese shipment comes in, they will be there to greet it!

Do the right thing, come what may!

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