Saturday, May 31, 2014

Super Late Posting

I'm sorry it's been a while. I was trying to gather photos.

2 weeks ago we celebrated my 23rd birthday! I asked Annah to do some things
different this year and she did. Oh, yes. Mom took me out to get a hair cut...AND
I have bangs now! I've never had bangs before, ever. First Mom took Annah and
 Rachel shopping for me, then as soon as they walked in the door, they told me to
leave so I could a haircut. I got in the car and waited for Mom. On the floor of the
front passenger seat I saw 2 pink shopping bags, AND I knew which store they
were from! I honked the car horn so someone would come out, but no one did!
I banged on the window, still nothing. They finally came out and I beckoned
them to come. I pointed to the bags and asked," Am I supposed to see these?"

They said,"No."

I said, "Well, get them out of here."

On the way to get my haircut, I opened the glove compartment looking
for napkins (we keep them in there sometimes to be handy) and my eyes
fell on an iced and sprinkled sugar cookie from CASEY'S gas station! I
 always want to get those when I see them and practically never do. I
knew Annah got it for me. I asked Mom if I wasn't supposed to find
the cookie either. She said, " I don't know. Annah probably got it for
 I thought to myself, No. If she did, it would've been chocolate chip. 
(That's her favorite)

On my real birthday, they hung up orange and white streamers for a
Dreamsicle theme (I love, love, love Orange Cream themed things, the
taste, the scent, the colors). They also gave me a plastic tiara with purple
jewels. We all went out together for lunch at Chik-fil-A. Aunt Jean, Jeremy
and Leona met us there. When we came home, guess what we had to do?
Bake and decorate a graduation cake for Sunday!

When opening my presents, there was one huge box that I could hardly lift.
I thought maybe they were giving me a kitchen appliance or something. When
I opened the top, the box was full of numerous little gifts! Annah and Rachel
tried to equal them up to 23. When I saw all the little wrapped packages in
the box, I sat there and burst out laughing for some reason. It took me a minute
to compose myself. I got a lovely notebook, a light blue white floral tote bag
(which I've been using a lot), some of my favorite candies, a beautiful sky blue
scarf, baking mixes, and many other things I can't recall or picture at the moment.

I had a fun, blessed birthday.

More posts coming up! Tomorrow morning, we're heading down to Branson! Yay!

Just to name a few.
I like this one a lot: pizza, lemonade, sugar cookie, blueberry muffin, and more.

Lunch at Chick-fil-A


  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy belated birthday, Rebecca! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. You look good in bangs.

  3. What a nice way to celebrate your birthday. Happy 23rd. You've got a lot of life ahead of you. I hope this year brings you joy and love and lots of good things. Your hair cut is very flattering on you, brings out your face.
    Enjoy Branson.

  4. Happy Birthday, Rebecca! Your hair looks great -- I'll bet you are having a bit of fun with the new look. Someone in your family has some awesome drawing skills, too -- the artwork on the two signs showing your favorite things is really good. Hope the coming year finds you great happiness.