Friday, May 2, 2014

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye 2# Why I Admire This Show

There are so many reasons why I like this show
so much. First of all, it's very decent. It's much more
family-friendly than a lot of modern TV shows out there.

It's based on a true story, and the woman who inspired it
has enjoyed it, yet she's very humble.

The main characters are more than just coworkers. They're
true, caring, loyal friends! Even with the blunders some of
them make, some irritable moments, and even "What were
you thinking"? times when someone made an almost
costly mistake, they do NOT abandon each other. They
are there for each other, through the good times and
the bad. If one is hurting, they all hurt plus work
together to help and encourage that friend.
Tara weeps over a personal crisis that occurred on the job.

Sue and the crew work together to rescue their friend who's in danger.

I like the scenes with American Sign Language in them. It shows how deaf
people communicate with each other. Since watching the show, Annah
and I became interested in ASL, partly for fun, partly in case we ever meet
someone who is deaf, and also, you just never know when hand signals will
come in handy!

These people are more than right on the job, though they are very efficient.
They believe in the importance of justice, good over evil, and doing what's
right. Sometimes, it requires a personal cost, sometimes there are close-knit
relationships involved, sometimes everything seems to be backfiring or
leading to dead ends and the decision to do right or their duty which needs
to be done becomes questionable. It gets discouraging at times, can they
really trust their witnesses? Are the people involved telling the truth?
Is this really that serious? Could this be a wild goose chase?

Sometimes being on the side of law and order lets you see things you wish you didn't.

"Dirty Bomb" an-edge-of-your-seat episode

There are also times when they go beyond the extra mile just to help the people
they struggle to protect. They don't just try to figure out their case, but they take
extra steps to demonstrate compassion and that people are cared for, despite the
often devastating hardships involved in law enforcement that can harden a person.

 Sometimes the beautiful music they play in tender scenes makes me want to cry,
and I sometimes do! It's so pretty touching. There are the enjoyable, funny,
light-hearted moments, times when you're appalled by the nerve of some 
unreasonable people, and the parts where the person is carrying a heavy
burden, which sometimes includes sorrow. The determination of good to triumph
over evil, and justice over crime will have you on the edge of your seat, 
thrilling chases, cheering for the good guys, laughing with them at the 
lighter scenes, and crying at tender moments over the dramas of life.

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