Friday, May 2, 2014

Sue Thomas F.B.Eye #4 Pilot Episode

Sue Thomas (Deanne Bray) is on her way to Washington D.C.!
Her childhood has been different and difficult compared to many,
due to her deafness. She has learned American Sign Language,
learned to speak, and read lips. Fresh out of college, she is
about to enter his very first job. She chooses an unlikely
former abused beautiful Golden Retriever, Levi (Jesse)
to be her companion and hearing-ear dog.

When her car breaks down, she gets to know the older, widowed mechanic, Charlie Adams 
(Jack Jessop) and reaches out to him as he is lonely. Her excitement about working for 
the F.B.I. turns to boredom and insult when it turns out to be a special project-finger
printing for people with disabilities. When she wants to transfer, instead of going 
to Personnel, she stumbles into an agent's office and pours out her complaints to
Jack Hudson (Yannick Bisson). He runs into her again and has her demonstrate
her lip-reading where she lands on a conversation involving Myles Leeland
(Ted Atherton). Sue bumps into Lucy Dotson (Enuka Okuma), the Bureau
roader who is intrigued by Sue's personality.

Jack works to have her transferred to the surveillance team. Sue and Lucy agree to
be honest with each other which means Sue has to tell Lucy of some bad news 
about her friend. While on an assignment in New York, Sue has trouble doing 
her role and breaks up the bust. When they have another chance to catch the
fugitive, the boss wants Sue to stay out of it. Just trying to help, she tracks
down the guy only to be captured by him! But Jack does not abandon her
and goes in to save her. He gets shot in the arm. When Levi nearly dies from a gunshot he kept off
of her and not only does she think she might lose her much-needed dog
but also feels responsible for the incident, Jack, Charlie, and Lucy step
in to help her just when she needs a friend.

After knocking her down, Sue rises and sees Levi lying on the ground-shot!

Sue bends over him and strokes his head, begging God to let him live.

Sue prays for God to spare her dog.

Sue, in tears, looks up as Jack enters the hospital room.

Jack tells Sue that the incident was not her fault, and that she is a capable, kind person.
Sue cries, afraid of losing her dog and overwhelmed with
the kindness and friendship surrounding her.

Lucy gives Sue the first of a round of much needed hugs.

In the morning Sue wakes from Levi licking her hand. She happily strokes him and
thanks God for giving him back to her!

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