Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Kellum Thanksgiving

Well, we didn't do everything I'd hoped we would, but we had a blessed time.
At this time last year, Nora was on the way. It was so exciting this year to have
two little babies in the family: Nora and George! We have our favorite desserts
that we make practically every year now , along with the traditional food of course! 
We make pumpkin pie (we ended up making 3), (sometimes Dad likes sweet potato pie), pumpkin crunch-very scrumptious, decorated sugar cookies, and triple layer pie-Leona's favorite. 
I think we've had the family Thanksgiving celebration at our house since we moved to Moscow 
Mills. We have the ''usual suspects'' which are Aunt Jean James, Jeremy and Leona and George Windle
(though Jeremy arrived only last year), Donald (Leona's brother) and his wife,Jennifer and Samantha and 
Nora James, and Scott and Tatum (Donald and Leona's oldest sister) and their girls, Rachel, Amanda, and 
Megan Barnhouse. Just one thing: this time noone played any board games! Here's some photos.

Pumpkin pie and pumpkin crunch! Scrumptious!
Cleaning all day can get tiring!
''That turkey looks  awfully good! "
Homemade sugar cookies
Nora all ready for the party!
Cute little socks!
Banner that Jennifer gave us
Nora and Daddy
All excited
Tatum and nephew Baby George
Aunt Jean "Grandma'' feeding George

Samantha and Mommy
Nora, Donald, Samantha, and Jennifer

Tatum with niece, Nora and nephew, George
"If the big girls can do it, I can do it too! "
Jennifer & Donald, Jeremy & Leona, Scott & Tatum
So sweet!
Jeremy made a photo slideshow of George's life this far with music from the cd they listened to alot when he was in the hospital which sounds so sad. He had Leona and me crying.
The far! Scott, Donald, Jeremy, and Dad

I try to be thankful everyday for all God's done for us and all the blessings He's given
us. Here's some things I'm especially thankful for.

-God and Who He is, Jesus Christ and His courageous act of love!

-My family: Dad, Mom, my sister, Annah and our dog, Chloe

-Our home: location, accessories, and appliances

-That we live in the state of Missouri in the United States of America

- Legal freedom to worship as we please and  live as citizens, not slaves

-That we have God's Word in our own language to read as much as we want anytime
we want!

-The Family Vision Library and all the wonderful blessings we've received through it!

-Our extended family

-Our many friends

-Various ministries

-Health (especially since I broke my ankle in '09 and was laid up for about 3 weeks!)



-The talents God's given me to serve Him with and bless others

-My own purple room

-A bed to sleep on, blankets to keep warm

-Abundant, decent food to eat and abundant, decent clothes to wear

-Well-working car and truck that run


-Different seasons, particularly fall and winter-cold weather, yes!

-Our local town

-Being homeschooled our whole lives

-Homeschooling advantages we have from living in Missouri

If I was to thank God every second in life starting my first breath throughout
all eternity for everything He's done and will do for us, I'd NEVER finish!

''The Lord has done great things for us; whereof we are glad.''
Psalms 126:3

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