Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Hello, everyone! Sorry it's been a little while. Well, Annah has a new piano student, Samantha's
neighbor who came to recital. She is a  beginner.  

Friday night, we saw Courageous for the first time at the Family Vision Library! Wow! Very 
well done, very true-to-life,  wonderful, powerful, but ,oh, so very sad! It's a good thing Mrs.
Thrower passed out Kleenex boxes before they played it. It was a great movie, especially for 
fathers! Ryan and Collyn Brown were there, so we talked with them and Dad asked them what
they were doing on Saturday. (They live in Pittsfield, Illinois and I don't think they see other people
they know that much, except his family.)

So, Saturday we headed up to Canton, MO to buy a small new car. After that, we went Ryan and 
Collyn's home. They're a cute couple, and very sociable, very friendly. But the only thing Collyn 
would let us help with in the kitchen with was setting the table. Dad says they were just too happy 
to have people over, and she wanted to serve. 

Well, poor Chloe isn't feeling well. She has another ruptured anal gland (she had one in 2010), 
and she's in some pain. The vet said it should heal, but it might be 2 weeks. But we've had this before
with her, so we pretty much know what to do. 

Well, that's all for now. God bless!

Nora is growing!

Chloe loves her chair.
The Kleins sledding. Well, part of them at least!

If you ever choose to watch it, be prepared to cry!

   Will post more later.


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  1. So pleased to find an update from you today. ido enjoy hearing about all your fun with friends. We are having snow here in Seattle this week, and since I did not grow up with snow, excpet when we would go skiing on weekends, I do not drive in the snow. I have spent my days indoors working on Regency dresses/gowns I am making for upcoming Jane Austen events, and I am making baby quilts for both new Maxwell babies--Christopher told me their nursery will be sage (just like her wedding color) so that one was easy to shop for, but I Melaine and Nathan were a bit harder, so I went with red for them as I know they like red. I now hope the babies will be comfy with their quilts.

    I did change my blog name to be more reflective of my mother and my husband.

    Be in good health.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari