Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quick Pics

Just a few pics to look at. Oh, yes. The Lord definitely helped us with
the cake! Every time we baked a cake, something went wrong. It was
very frustrating. But it came together.

This is my beautiful hope chest.  Dad made it!
Isn't it lovely? Dad made Annah's too. He asked us what color we wanted, and the designs for the trimming and handle!

A couple weeks  ago, he put the last hinges on, and now it's complete and so much easier to open.
This cake was for Jennifer's sister.

Silas and Keelan Clough with their new baby sister, Olive
Big sister Abi with Daniel Amos Klein   It was his first Sunday at chapel.
"He took a child, and set him in the midst." Mark 9:36


  1. Your hope chest is beautiful. Mine hope chest came from an antique shop and the original manufacture card is still in dating it back to 1786, Regency era. Being as I am a Jane Austen member and lover of all things Regency this is perfect for me. I also have my mother's hope chest that my grandfather made for her. Hope chests are so special and I so wish more girls today could/would appreciate them.

    I see the Klein's had their new little one. So precious. I love to hold and cuddle on babies.

    Speaking of babies, I just read on the Maxwell's blog all about Joseph's 23rd birthday (I cannot believe he is already 23, as it seems he was just a boy when we first met.) and it was so good to see Melanie at the table. She looks so lovely pregnant and pretty soon the Maxwell's will have two new babies.

    Be in good health
    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  2. It's so interesting that you said,"be in good health", because right now I'm not feeling well. I hope my family doesn't get it.

    Hope you're doing well. Rebecca