Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Come What May

Come What May done by Advent Film Group is a wonderful
film about standing up for truth and what's right.

19-year-old Caleb Hogan (Austin Kearney) is studying to be a
lawyer for his future career. But he strongly desires to transfer
to Patrick Henry College, a Christian, biblical-based university
much to the disapproval of his mother (Karen Jezek), who is a
pro-choice attorney. So she challenges him to win the National
Moot Court Championship in order for her to pay his next year's
His class finds that the drill case for the competition is an abortion
parental notification case that was dismissed decades ago in a real
As Caleb works with his partner, Rachel Morton (Victoria Emmons),
he learns that she has committed to be a one-man woman, and that
she is all for taking the true winning argument while he's ready to
compromise and win the title. His goal is to win at all costs, her goal
is to do the right thing.
As they debate and prepare the argument, Caleb's mom is all ready to
argue the exact same real case favoring the abortion, in the United
States Supreme Court.
If Caleb does the right thing, he'll lose the championship and his mother's
support. If not, he'll win the title, but lose Rachel as his partner.

Some people may choose to watch this movie, others might not. That's
up to them.  But I saw it and it is encouraging to stand for truth.

We all choose to believe or not believe God's truth. When we believe it, it
takes courage to stand up for what we believe.


  1. It sounds like an interesting film. Is it playing in theaters or did you watch it on DVD?