Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Possible New Turn

Today's a big day for the Americans. I want to do my absolute best
to make the most of the freedom I have in this country to honor
God, bless others, and whatever God calls me to do. Freedom isn't
free. Many men gave their lives and are giving their lives for us,
for liberty. I think if freedom was free, it would be easy to get
and not worth much. May this nation fear God and still be a free
place where can live as Christians without fear.

Even more important, even more precious. Over 2,000 years ago,
there was a man who was not considered glamorous. He wasn't
a favorite to the religious leaders either (except in the area of
antagonizing Him), He practiced what He preached, He reached
out to the lowly people of society, and to some high officials.
He did only good and many came to Him for help. He helped
the poor , He comforted the hurting, He even raised people back
to life from death! He loved His Father dearly, above all else.

Then one day, He was arrested and falsely accused by people
who were envious of Him because all they wanted was
control, money, pride, and power. The governor saw His
innocence and tried to free Him, but the crowd cried for
a public criminal and murderer. This gentle Man was
savagely beaten, tortured, made a public scandal,
so much so that His appearance was beyond recognition:
just a bloody sight of ripped, stricken human flesh.
And as if that wasn't enough, He was led up a hill and
was nailed through His hands and feet to a tree in the
shape of a cross. Even then, He was still mocked.

He was taking on Himself the incredible, unimaginable,
holy wrath of God. Then He gave up His spirit.
But 3 days later, He rose alive from the dead and appeared
to his friends, who were unspeakably jubiliant when they
saw Him.

Then He went back to heaven where right now, He's preparing
a home for all who are covered by His blood. This man is
Jesus Christ the Son of God. He didn't just pay a price for
freedom, He (knowing all that would happen) willingly,
freely gave His life for it. His Father, God Almighty didn't
make Him do it.

Someday He'll come back for His bride.

The true freedom of eternal life and the liberty we have
in this country are too precious to toss out the window.
The eternal is more important and precious, but the
national we have is NOT a bag of candy. And that's why
we choose to have a say in who we feel we need to
lead this country!

"He came to His own, and those who were
His own did not receive Him. But as many
as received Him, to them He gave the
right to become children of God, even 
to those who believe in His name,"
John 1:11, 12

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