Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Day

Well, there was no snow on Christmas Day, but it was cold and cloudy
which gave it a more cozy look and feeling inside the house. We woke up,
got dressed, and began preparing breakfast. While we waited for it to cook,
Dad read to us from the Word. After breakfast, it was time to open presents!!
Dad usually distributes them (Mr. Christmas) and we took turns around the

Chloe was in no mood to be patient that morning.
She wanted her stocking, and she wanted it now! She was wildly happy when we
gave it to her to investigate what goodies we'd stashed away in it. I've never known
Chloe to be interested in wrapped gifts that I remember, but when that time came,
she actually looked like she felt left out!

After the gift opening was over, we relaxed, snacked, watched movies, and
admired our gifts.

That night, I or we were pretty tired. I liked my gifts, but of course, I had my

Red roses we'd bought at the store ahead of time.

Mom's breakfast Quiche

Sugar cookies I'd made on Christmas Eve.
Chloe and her stocking.

Chocolates from Grandma
Chloe watching Dad bring the presents.

Chloe wants to see what everybody gets.

A golden scarf for Mom
Suduko and crossword books

The beautiful apron Mom wanted!

We have Dad an organizer for his shed.
I loved the headband, and Dad us each a new soft plush throw!
And the book I really, really wanted.
Mom gave me Ruby Slippers and a tin of butter cookies!
Mom decorated the cookies.
And watching one of our family favorites, It's a Wonderful Life.


  1. Love the ruby slippers and the cookies look delicious! x

  2. I love the ruby slippers! I've always said every grown woman should have a pair (they never seem to come in grownup sizes -- those are awesome!). You look so pretty in that shade of red, Rebecca. I'm impressed your family gets dressed for Christmas morning -- we all stay in our jammies with (bad) bed head!