Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Terrible Loss

Dear blog readers, I haven't heard much from them for a while,
but I'm requesting prayer for our friends, the Koenig Family,
who do the Twice Adopted show around the country usually
in Branson, Missouri. I still can't believe this happened!! It's
with sadness that I tell you tonight we found out from other
friends that Mrs. Linda Koenig, mother of the ten adopted
children had a heart attack and died this morning!!!! I
cannot believe this! We were at a friend's house this
evening when a friend Hannah called our friend, Darlene
and told her. The kids found her on the floor in the kitchen!
 Can it be? Is this real? Mrs. Koenig?!! Gone?!
She was helpful to Mom when she first started our homeschooling.
I remember doing Bible quizzing that she organized. She was
a friendly, funny, talkative lady with a heart for helping children.
I cannot believe she's gone!! Please pray for this family!! I can't
imagine what they must be going through! Please pray for her
husband and all the kids.



  1. Prayers for the family as they absorb this loss of wife and mother. Prayers for them on their new journey of life as it starts.

  2. What heartbreak, for so many children to lose their mother so suddenly. Praying for everyone who knew and loved her.

  3. What terrible news - I am so, so, sorry for your dear friends and all their family - my heart goes out to them all as they try to come to terms with this heartbreaking loss and the difficult weeks and months ahead. We will be keeping the Koenigs in our hearts and prayers and send love to all of you, from Ruby and family ♥♥

  4. I know you mean well. But, the info about mommy you posted is not accurate. You can go to our website to get filled in.