Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It Matters to Me!

And it's true! I'm thankful for the freedom and liberty we have in this country,
no matter what anyone says! And it's very precious. I'm thankful that we
have God's Word in our own language. I'm thankful that I have legal freedom
to do what's right and stand for truth. I want to show my appreciation
by how I live my life. I want to be a good steward of this precious gift!
Some things in America are dark right now, but if there's something I
 can do, I'm surely going to try! I can pray, I can have a say in who
I feel should be a leader, I can try hard to be a good citizen, I can
try to live God's Word everyday. I want to shine God's light. 
 I would rather get up and do something, pray or be an example or
whatever, I would rather do something to make this country
better than sit around my house complaining about everything that's
wrong with it. If I can do something, something, no matter how
small, to make a difference, some difference, I'll most
certainly try!

This freedom may not be important to some people, but it is to me!


1 comment:

  1. Good for you! And when you vote, vote for the person you and only you think is the right one. Don't let anyone tell you to vote for who they want. That's why freedom is such an important right to have.
    I have voted in every election I've been able to since 1971. Sometimes the ones I wanted won and other times they've lost. I've seen the rights of women and young people be ratified, I've seen do nothing congresses and senates, I've seen more wars than I want to count. Ive seen people come home from wars broken and in pieces and at that time no one wanted to help them or aid them (sorta like the mess with today's VA....it hasn't changed in 40 years). Now at least we thank the soldiers. Then they came home and were treated like dirt because they fought a war that we didn't belong in.. Of course we didn't belong in the last 2 either. That was to keep the oil barons keeping the taps flowing.

    Well now I've been political and that's the last thing I wanted to do. But we as Christian women have to assert our beliefs. I may not worship in the same style you do, I may not agree with your ideas, but I support the right for you to have them. You were homeschooled, my children went to public school and I taught public school. They weren't molested, didn't worship the devil, studied hard, and went to college. They went to church and Sunday school and are good Christians today as adults. They were baptized and confirmed in the faith of their family. Should they decide to change, I will honor their choice. I will always pray for them and for their safety.

    Well I have a huge amount of screen work tomorrow, a review for a new cookbook on meat and potatos, and laundry reaching out of the basket.

    Blessings to you and remember you are competent and wise and can make your own decisions.

    da bunny