Sunday, January 31, 2016

I know, I know!

Hi and so sorry that I haven't posted any pictures yet from
Thanksgiving or Christmas! I know you've been waiting!

Anyway, last year for Christmas, we did things a little differently.
We ended up getting a new tree! After 13 years of admiration
and service from our previous one, yes, we got a new one. It was
small but that's okay because we didn't have to trim it down and
the branches weren't so wide that they covered part of the
entrance to our bedroom hallway! It was simpler to decorate
and still pretty. It was free too! Yes, we got another free one.
Dad found the offer on Facebook. And it was God's provision
and perfect timing because we were shocked to discover that
our big one was soaked from its storage in the crawl space under
our home (we don't have a basement)! That had never happened
before! So, sad good-bye to our 13-year-old, once beautiful, tall,
and faithful old Christmas tree.

I will try to post pictures soon! I will!


1 comment:

  1. We inherited my Mom's tall tree last year, I had had it with real trees and dropping needles. It looks nice and when it's decorated you can't tell it's a fake. I saw a lovely one on sale at Big Lots for $99 right before Christmas but by then we'd done our decorating and had too many other things to deal with. We had to move our recliner into my daughter's room as there is no other place to put our tree. My daughter came home from Chicago and got right to work getting things ready for Christmas dinner.
    Glad you are well and doing ok.