Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Woody Collection

When it comes to Toy Story, Woody is Number 1
on my list! He is absolutely my top favorite character
in spite of his flaws. I love him and Slinky above
all the other characters-don't get me wrong, I
like them too!-, have since I was a little girl.
Here are some Woody items that I have
happily accumulated.

Of course, there's my very own Woody to start with.

I got this mug from the Disney store. I really like the high quality and detail.

One of my new Christmas ornaments for 2015.

And Slinky! Yes, I got Slinky. It took so long to find him!

When I saw this item blogged by Dan the Pixar Fan, I hoped to get one.


1 comment:

  1. I have a whole bunch of Eeyores. He seems to be my alter ego. Have you checked Ebay or Amazon for good deals on
    Toy Story merchandise?I am also picking up the 10th Doctor Who collectibles, along with my Jamie and Claire from Outlander.
    Still recovering from a cardiac procedure. Felt like a Weeblo after it was over and got home. Was glad my son was here to help me.