Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hot But Fun

Well, we had a busy 4th of July. We didn't attend the Hunt
family's celebration, but we had a full day. The Wilkersons
spent the day with us. Sorry, I got hardly  any pictures
of the adults. The Wilkerson guys went fishing with Dad,
in 100 degree weather? But the Lord blessed it. They had
a blast, and came home with some nice fish!

We had BBQ, potato salad, and sherbet to eat, and we did
play some ball games with the kids (which I can't believe
I did in that heat-I'm not a summer person).

I wish James gave me a better picture!


Comical Daniel
Carrying ice & drinks
Time to go fishing!! Oh, yeah!!! YES!!!

Fish sizes compared to Dad's foot!

Ball game: kick or throw the ball, and someone get it!


Sorry, this picture is a little misplaced.

Happy 4th of July!!!
I'm so thankful to live in the United States of America, and for our precious
freedoms and liberties we have here. I try everyday to take in how blessed 
we are and be thankful for it.  Let's strive as Christians to do OUR part
to reach others and serve God. In the Bible, in Matthew it says that
we "are the salt of the earth" and "the light of the world". Instead
of  talking all the time of those who aren't, let's strive with God's
help, to be that salt and that light, and not let the salt lose its flavor!!! 
Oh yes, and thank you to the soldiers who are serving this country
and putting their lives on the line so that we can still enjoy
this freedom like this! You are remembered and prayed for!

"How precious also are Your thoughts unto me, O God!
How great is the sum of them!"
Psalm 139:17


  1. Whatever happened to Mary Wilkerson? Wasn't her adoption supposed to be finalised by November last year?


    Miss Mary M.

  2. Her adoption didn't work out after all.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks like you all had such a fun 4th of July. But then it look slike you all have a lot of fun all the time with your family and friends. You are so blessed to have both.

    Blessings, Mrs. Mari

  5. Thank you. We do really enjoy fellowship, but "life's no bed of roses"! We have daily struggles, conscience pricks, and apologies to make just the same as anyone. But we are a blessed family!

  6. Wow you all look so hot! Wouldn't the boys be more comfortable in shorts?

  7. When the fish are biting, worrying about are clothes is the farthest thing from our minds. Also, some of the places I go fishing are not for wearing shorts. ( briers, weeds etc.)

    It does sound cooler though.

  8. What a fun time! However, I think you need a comma on your title. It should read

    Hot, but fun.

    hehe Those comma's can be tricky! :-)