Monday, July 2, 2012

Tea Party

We've been so very, very busy! Saturday was our 3rd Annual
Little Girls' Tea Party! The Lord brought so many more girls
this time! We had new moms come who never had before. 
We had a blessed time.

Annah made these adorable napkins for the girls!

Ella, Alana, & Rachel

Girls' table. Three of them hadn't arrived yet.

Miss Ella Wilson
Miss Abby Hackmann
Miss Lilly Dreste
Miss Emma Dreste
Miss Alana Wilson
We sat our dolls out as part of the decorations.

Rachel giving Alana and Ella the little gift she made for them.

Miss Rachel Wilkerson
Miss Julianne Hansen
Miss Keelan Clough
Miss Diana Hansen
Diana sharing a verse
We did a devotional on "Blessing Others".

Rachel and Alana

Annah was in charge of the craft.
The girls each made a card to give to someone later.
Samantha was late, and we were afraid she'd miss everything. But
once she arrived, she started having a good time.

Annah did Keelan's hair.
Time for the cookie walk!

Abby & Samantha

And then the girls danced.
Nora trying to help Annah with the music!

Sarah & Rachel

It's a joy to be able to do the tea party for the girls and their moms.
We're usually stressed, nervous, and rushing in preparation,
but the Lord guides us and it blesses them! 

"Let my light be a light shining out through the night,
May I help struggling ones to the fold; 
Spreading cheer everywhere to the sad and alone,
Let my life be a light to some soul!"
Let My Life Be a Light -J.R. Varner


  1. What a fun tradition! Everyone is all dressed up and they even brought their dollies.

  2. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. How thoughtful of your family to put together such a fun event. Blessings!